tied up

  Sheíd tied him like this and left him for a while. It was probably only 5 or 10 minutes, but he couldnít tell for sure, since he was blindfolded. He couldnít complain about it much, as there was a scarf with a knot in it in his mouth, tied around his head. He had let her tie him like this. He didnít realize she would gag him, blindfold him and leave. Nothing to do but wait. His arms were a little sore, and there was a dull ache in his nipples, but otherwise he didnít hurt anywhere. Before she began, she made him lean over the chair, spreading his legs. She had slowly inserted a small butt plug in to his ass. Then she sat him down. He was naked, sitting in a chair. His ankles were pulled back and tied to the rear legs of the chair, pulling his legs apart. His arms were up and his wrists tied together behind his head, the rope pulled down tight and tied to a cross bar on the bottom of the chair. This caused his arms to be open wide. It was a fairly simple job, and he had no real leverage to move around much. Then she did things he wasnít expecting. First she put the scarf-gag in his mouth. Then she showed him the nipple clamps. She pulled off the rubber-protective ends before attaching them to his nipples, the metal biting into his tender flesh. They werenít too tight, but a bit uncomfortable. She tested them by tugging on them, they werenít coming off. Finally, she added the scarf blindfold. She told him sheíd be back in a little while. She had rubbed his hard-on before she left, only briefly, though. He longed for her to come back and touch him again. Eventually, he got his wish. He felt her between his legs, startled because he hadnít heard her approach. She took his now flaccid penis in her mouth and sucked until it was hard. She told him he couldnít cum until she said, then proceeded to give him a wonderful blow job. She knew just how to do it, licking on the sensitive underside, just below the head, moving up and down, tickling his balls. "Please," he begged through the gag. She stopped to reach up and untie it, then bent back down to continue. "Please," he asked again. "Please, what?" she asked. He wasnít sure what she wanted. "Please, I, Iíll do anything, please." She didnít reply, but slowed her activity down a bit, teasing him. "PleaseÖ.Mistress," he begged. She stopped. He almost whimpered. Had he said the wrong thing? Then he felt as she poured a small amount of lubricant on his hardened dick and began to pump it up and down. "What do you want?" she asked, in her teasing voice. "Please, I want to cum," he replied. "Okay, you may," she said, finally. She kept on pumping, making sure she was teasing his balls, and rubbing the sensitive spot, and in a few moments he came, moaning loudly. When he regained his senses he said, "Thank you, Mistress." "Youíre welcome, slave," she said. She retrieved the gag and put it back in his mouth, tying it around his head. Then she left again.

He wasnít exactly sure what he had done, but she was mad at him. At least, she seemed mad. All he really knew was that he was in big trouble. She had him quickly strip. She had brought the chair out into the middle of the bedroom. "Bend over the back and grab the seat, quickly!" she ordered. He did so, feeling vulnerable in that position, his ass an easy target. It was precisely what sheíd intended. She brought out a small whip, a toy almost. It was a long stick with 5 or 6 leather strands at the end. Heíd felt it briefly before and knew it stung, but wasnít that painful. She hit him with it, squarely on his right butt-cheek. He tried to take the pain without saying anything, but she had hit him harder this time than he remembered, and a gasp left his lips. "You will count each one," she said. She began the blows, and he flinched each time. "One," he began, and kept up the count with the lashing. She stopped after 30, and he could feel the heat coming off his redden ass. She touched him, running her hand along his poor bottom, and her touch was more pain. On impulse, she slapped each cheek quickly, once. He let out a yelp, to which her reply was a small laugh. "Donít move," she ordered him. She went to get something and when she came back she hid it from his view. He found out soon enough. She slapped lightly at his thighs, bidding him to spread his legs wide. Then he felt a touch of cold lubricant on his ass hole. Then the butt plug as she pushed it in with one stroke. "Unng!" he protested, but otherwise said nothing. "Sit!" she said. He didnít really want to, his ass was still on fire and it would push the plug in more, but he did. He knew he couldnít argue with her when she got like this. He tried to sit gingerly, but it was no use, it was just going to hurt. She made him scoot forward and then pulled his hands behind him, tying them together at the wrists with a short piece of rope. Then she pushed him back until his arms were trapped between his body and the chair back. She put a dog collar around his neck, and used a piece of rope to tie it to the top of the back of the chair, pulling his head slightly back in doing so. Next, she tied his ankles up on either side of the chair in back. This forced his full weight on his butt, not giving him any leverage to relieve the pain in his rear. Then she took a long rope and tied it to his thigh, just above the knee, around the back of the chair to the other thigh, forcing his legs apart wide. It was a strain on his legs for him to be tied like this. She seemed pleased. She had a scarf that had a knot tied in the middle to use as a gag, but she thought about it and decided it wasnít enough. She got a sock out of his drawer, rolled it around the scarf and pushed it into his mouth. He wouldnít be able to make much noise like that, and she seemed pleased about that, too. She reached down to fondle his penis, quickly making it hard. Then she wrapped a velcro cock-ring around it. He hadnít seen it before, and he wondered when she had gotten it. Heíd be hard the whole time now, however long she was going to leave him here. She ended by putting a blindfold over his eyes. "Iíll have to get some ear plugs for next time," she said as she bent down to kiss his cheek before leaving him. He felt as if he had been there an hour or more. It gave him time to reflect on what he had done. He finally figured out what he had done wrong to cause her to get so angry. He swore he would apologize profusely as soon as she took the gag out of his mouth. His butt hurt the whole time his sat there. At least she didnít use the nipple clamps like last time. He heard her approach and touch his still hard cock. She removed his gag. "Mistress, Iím sorry Ė" he started, but she cut him off. "Too late for that. This should teach you for next time, though." "Yes, Mistress." What could he say? She rubbed his hard on a bit. "What would you like?" she asked. He was unsure how to reply. He wanted her to make him cum but wasnít sure he could ask for that. However, she was rubbing his cock. "What would you like?" she asked again, after his hesitation. "I, I would like to cum, Mistress," he answered in a whisper. "And so you shall, but it will cost you, do you understand?" What could she do that was worse that what he now endured? Probably a lot, he realized. Still, he didnít want to argue with her, and she did like sucking him off, regardless of her dominance of him. "Yes, Mistress, what ever you want." It was superfluous to say, given that she could do anything she wanted without his permission right now, but he was trying to please her. She loosened the rope holding his head back and he rolled his neck around to get the kinks out. Then he felt pain as a clamp bit into his right nipple. He tried not to cry out, knowing the left nipple was next, but he was unsuccessful. They were tighter than last time, he thought. She pulled on the chain and the nipples followed. She pushed lightly at the back of his head until he rested his chin on his chest. Then she put the chain to his mouth. "Hold this and donít let go," she told him. What could he do? He took the chain in his teeth. It was loose and didnít put any more strain on his aching nipples. Then he felt her slowly tightening the rope attached to his collar, pulling his head back in to the position it had been in, painfully stretching his nipples. "Aaaugh!" he let out, between clenched teeth, but he didnít let the chain go. Then she was before him, her mouth on his cock. He felt her bobbing up and down on it, licking the length of it, sucking at the tip. With all the stimulation he was feeling, he came in no time, moaning through his teeth. She stood to kiss his lips, allowing him to drop the chain. Then she kissed him deeply, swirling her tongue around his, depositing his own cum in his mouth. The kiss went on and on, and he had no choice but to swallow. She finally stopped the kiss and left him briefly. Then he felt the gag at his mouth again, and he opened his lips to accept it. "I know youíre sorry, but I want you to think about what you did some more. Then, when I come back, you can pleasure me. Maybe then youíll be forgiven." He tried to say "Yes, Mistress" through the gag, but only a muffled "mmmfffmmp" came out.

When I arrived home Friday, there was a note on the garage door. I got out of my car and read it. "Leave car out of garage" it said simply. I left my car parked where it was outside, opened the garage door and went in. Another note greeted me at the back door. "Strip, leave clothes in garage, come in wearing only these." There was an arrow on the sign pointing to two black leather loops on a hook by the side of the door. I wondered if this was going to be a fun game, or if I was in trouble again. I removed all my clothes, and placed them in a box that was near the door. Then I looked at the leather loops. One was a collar, which I buckled around my neck. The other was a cock ring. It didnít take much for me to get my cock hard enough to put the ring around it. It made my dick even harder, and turned it a purple color. I entered the house, unsure of what was going to happen next. My wife was in the kitchen, cooking something for dinner on the stove. She was dressed casually, in a light summery dress and sandals. I could tell she was not wearing underwear. "Good, youíre home," she said, "Come here." She grabbed my dick and led me to the dinner table. "Kneel here." I kneeled. "Hands behind your head." I did as she asked, clasping my fingers together. "Stay." I felt odd. She had taken more control of our sex life lately, and I found that I liked it. She had also seen fit to punish me severely when she was mad at me. On the plus side, it seemed to calm her down, and she no longer went for days not talking to me. On the minus side, my butt generally hurt like hell afterwards, not to mention other parts of my anatomy. Usually we had great sex afterwards, though, another plus. She didnít seem mad tonight, rather she seemed quite cheerful. I wasnít quite sure why I was obeying her. Just seemed like the thing to do. She brought a plate full of food over to the table, an "all-in-one-pan" meal with vegetables and beef and cheese. She sat down in a chair, but made no move to allow me to do so. "Under the table, facing me," she said. I crawled under the table on hands and knees, and turned to look at her crotch. She had hiked her dress up and scooted to the edge of her chair, giving me a good view of her pussy. She had shaved it smooth! I never thought she would do that. She spread her legs and her pussy lips opened and I could see she was already getting wet. "Lick, gently," she ordered. I began to lick her pussy, bottom to top, gently, every once in a while pushing my tongue into her vagina. Above me, I could tell she was eating dinner, although at an odd pace. Mostly, I avoided her clitoris, only touching it occasionally. After several minutes, it sounded like she was done with dinner. "Okay," she breathed, "make me cum." My tongue and neck were a little tired, being in the odd position, but I went at my task in earnest. I applied a bit more pressure than before and started to pay more attention to her clit, which was hard. It didnít take too long before she was moaning, finally cumming loudly. I continued to lap at the juices coming from her vagina until she pushed my head away. Then she took the plate of food, of which she had eaten about half, and set it on the floor next to her chair. "Here you go," she told me. I was hesitant. Did she expect me to eat on the floor with my hands? "Arenít you hungry?" she asked, amused. "Yesó" I began. "Uh-uh. No speaking unless I say you can." I nodded my head yes. "Then eat," she said cheerfully. "Donít use your hands," she added in a more menacing tone. I was to be the dog tonight, I guessed. I bent my face to the plate and began to eat. It was good, if a bit cold now. She got up a busied herself cleaning pans in the sink. After I finished my chin was pretty much covered with cheese sauce, but I had eaten everything on the plate. She came back to pick it up. "Good, youíre done," she said. "Letís wash you off. Come here." I followed her to the kitchen sink on hands and knees. She motioned for me to lean up with my head over the sink. Then she took the vegetable sprayer and squirted the sauce off my chin. She wiped me dry with a dishtowel. "Okay, this way." She had me stand, grabbed my still rock-hard dick and led me back out to the garage. There was a small table near one wall that had a variety of things on it. I hadnít noticed this before. "Stick out your hands," she bid me. She attached a leather cuff to each wrist. Then she pulled me over to where a rope hung down from a newly installed hook in the ceiling. She threaded the rope through my cuffs, tying them together. I noticed the rope went through the hook, to another hook by the wall and to a tie-off. I was impressed. "Like it? I did it today. The hooks are into the cross beams, so theyíll take some weight." She walked over to the tie-off and pulled on the rope until my arms were above my head. I tugged on the rope and cuffs. I wasnít going anywhere now. She walked over to me. "Thatís good. You know, itís a shame that Iím not mad at you for anything, because it might make this a bit easier for both of us. But you need to learn discipline. Iím going to teach you that tonight. This session is strictly for me to learn how to go about doing things, and for you to learn to take it. If you were in trouble, it would be even more painful. Remember that." I was starting to get scared. What had she planned? And how had she figured all this stuff out? I wondered if I should have been so docile, now I had no choice. She stepped to the table and chose something., bringing it back to me. "Open wide," she said. I was a rather large black ball with straps on it. I didnít really want it in my mouth, but she grabbed one of my nipples and twisted it cruelly, and shoved the gag in my mouth as I gasped. It stretched my jaw wide when she hooked it closed around my head. Only little sounds escaped my throat now. She went to the wall and got a long wooden dowel with eye-hooks in the end, setting it at my feet. She retrieved a set of ankle cuffs and put them on me, then attached them to the bar, spreading my feet wide. She pulled the little table closer to me and began using the devices on it. First was a nipple clamp. It was oddly shaped, having a short rod and washer forming a ĎTí at the handle. I thought the clamp biting into my nipple was bad, but then I found out why it was built the way it was. She had a round magnet which she slipped up the rod. The magnet stuck to the washer, and this added weight to the clamp. She added several more magnets to the clamp, causing it to pull harder on my nipple. I tried to complain behind my gag but nothing came out. She repeated the procedure with the other nipple and I was in agony. I shook my head Ďnoí but immediately regretted it, because it caused the clamps to shake from side to side, shooting even more pain through me. "Iíd be still if I were you," she said. She looked at the weighted clamps tugging at my nipples and shook her head. "These," she said, pinching one of the clamps open, "will have to go. Theyíre just too cruel. Iíll save them for punishment, which is not what Iím doing now." I moaned loudly into my gag as the pain of the clamp was replaced by the pain of blood rushing back in to my nipples. It quickly got better without the clamps on, however. "I need to better explain what we are doing here, I guess. This is a training session. Did you ever stop and think about why you are obeying me?" She looked into my eyes. It had not occurred to me to even question her. Obeying her seemed natural, like what I was supposed to do. I shook my head in response to her question. She pointed at me. "You," she told me, "are mine. I feel it, and I think youíve felt it. You are mine completely, to do with what I want. You arenít, however, trained very well. That is what weíve begun. You are here tonight, tied up like this because I wish it. You wish it too, I think, because what I want, you want. Pretty simple, actually. I need to train you, and I need to find out how to do things, how much you can take, how much I want you to take. I need to find out how to use these - tools I have." She looked at me, for a sign of recognition of the truth in what she was saying. I nodded, indicating my submission to her as best I could. "I wonít be cruel, at least, Iíll try not to be too cruel. I simply want your complete obedience. I think weíre well on our way to achieving that. Now, Iím going to continue your training. Youíll need to learn how to take a whipping with a crop, or a flogger, or paddle or whatever I can come up with. I need to learn to use them. Tonight we both learn." She picked up the crop. I became slightly scared again, and I wasnít sure why. I knew she loved me, that she wouldnít hurt me seriously. I tried to calm down as best I could. Nothing I could do to stop her, even had I wanted to. "One more thing. I want you to remember something. After our session in here, weíll go into the bedroom. Once there, I want you to get on your knees, hands behind your neck. That will be your Ďpositioní. Your will then beg to please me, to lick my cunt until I cum. If you fail to ask, youíll be punished. If you fail to make me cum, youíll be punished. Do you understand?" I nodded vigorously. She scraped her fingernails along my side, gently, not quite tickling me. "I do love you," she whispered to me. I wanted to tell her I loved her too. She walked around behind me and hit me across my buttocks with the crop. Not hard, just a light sting. She adjusted her stance and laid the crop across my butt before swinging again. This time the blow was harder. I could hear and feel her moving around, trying to get the feel of the crop, its heft; trying different positions and styles of swinging. My ass was sore when she finally stopped, but there wasnít actually much pain. Maybe she just hadnít got the hang of it yet. She ran her fingers over my reddened ass, checking her work. "Iím thirsty," she told me as she set the crop down on the table. "Be right back." She left me hanging there, pre-cum dripping from my hardened cock. This wasnít punishment, I told myself. She can do what she wants, Iím hers, I belong to her. Iím her Ė slave. Am I? I thought about what I wanted to be, what I wanted to happen. Everything I did, I did for her. Did I mind when she punished me? Ultimately, no, I realized. I didnít mind anything she did. Even before this recent turn of events, I had tried to please her as much as I could. This was a natural progression, it seemed to me. She walked back in carrying a glass of iced tea and my old beard trimmer. "Look what I found," she said, showing it to me. I didnít have a beard anymore. Vaguely, I remembered one time when she had mentioned she thought I looked better clean shaven. The beard was gone the next day, much to the surprise of my co-workers. Even then, I thought. She grabbed my cock, turned on the trimmer and started to shave my pubic hair off as close as the trimmer would cut. She took her time, removing my cock ring temporarily, shaving my balls and between my legs around my asshole. When she was done, she looked me in the face. "Weíll get a razor and get the rest later. Now, where were we?" She finished her tea, than picked up the flogger. It had a handle about a foot long with 8 or 9 leather straps attached. The straps looked to be as long as the handle. A cat-o-nine tails? I thought that it would probably sting. She started slowly and lightly. Again, I could tell she was trying to get used to holding the whip, how it felt, how to hit with it. Suddenly, she hit my ass with a hard blow. I yelped into the gag, the sound muffled. The following blows varied, some hard, some light, and she rained them down all over my back, ass and legs. Each blow caused me to try and yell through the gag. I could feel how red my back must look. A few blows had slapped my balls and I began to cry then. I was still crying when she came around front and started on my chest and stomach. The blows werenít as hard but still stung. When she finally stopped, we were both bathed in sweat. Her dress was sticking to skin, so she pulled it off, tossed it aside and stood before me naked. She was beautiful, and even in my pain, I wished I could tell her so. She picked up a tube of some sort of cream and rubbed some of it on my ass. It felt cool and soothing. The rest of me still hurt, though. "I still have one more tool to try out, and Iím afraid that after the cat, itís probably going to hurt you a lot. Is that okay?" She was asking me to agree to more pain, to take it, just because she asked. Not that I could stop her, but I felt she was truly asking me, and wouldnít continue if I said no. I nodded my head Ďyesí. "Good!" She was truly happy. It didnít make my pain go away, but I felt better, knowing that I had pleased her. "Oh, but before we start, I have one more surprise. I think youíll like this." She picked up a butt plug. This one was a little bigger than the other one sheíd used on me. It had a short wire coming out of the base. She put some lubricant on it, then rubbed some more on my asshole. Slowly she pushed the plug past my sphincter. Once past the widest part, the plug pulled itself into my ass. I didnít think I would be able to expel it on my own. Watch this," she told me, smiling. She had a small control device with a few buttons on it. She pressed a button and the plug came to life, vibrating in my ass. It made my cock twitch. Pressing another button made the plug vibrate faster. She grabbed my cock and rubbed up and down, her had slick with lubricant. She did something with the remote and the plug got even faster. "No cumming," she said, "not yet." I couldnít take it. I was surprised how close I was so quickly, desperately wanting to cum. She let go of my dick and turned the plug to its lowest setting. If I hadnít been gagged, I would have begged her to let me cum. I could do nothing but hang there. "Okay, on to the last stage," she said cheerfully. She retrieved a long black leather paddle. It was about a foot and a half long with a short handle. She wasted no time in spanking my whipped ass. The soothing of the cream was immediately forgotten and I moaned and cried into my gag, tears streaming down my face. I lost track of time, of individual blows. Eventually the pain Ė I donít know. It didnít go away, but it was something I could take because I had to. I was well past any limit I had ever had. It took me a little while to realize she had stopped. My ass throbbed. I had never felt pain like that before. She rubbed the soothing cream in to my red ass cheeks and I could barely feel it. I only felt a glowing heat. She removed my gag and held a glass of water to my lips. When had she gone and gotten the water? I drank greedily. She removed the bar from between my ankles. "Iím going to let you down now. Donít fall." She lowered the rope holding my arms up. I felt weak, but I managed to remain standing. She removed the ropes holding my wrists together. I still had the cuffs and collar on, but I was no longer bound. "Follow me," she said, leading the way to the bedroom. Once there I fell to my knees and put my hands behind my neck. It was painful, but I managed. "Mistress?" I asked. She turned around. "Oh, yes?" She seemed surprised I had remembered. "Please let me eat you. Please let me lick your wonderful pussy until you cum. Please, Mistress!" I surprised us both at my vehemence. "Well, since you ask so nicely, and I know what a wonderful tongue you have, of course." She reclined on the bed, her ass close to the edge, legs spread wide. I moved up and began to lick. She was wet and sweaty, and her juices tasted extraordinary. I licked up and down her slit, then swirled around her clit, using a finger to reach in and stimulate her g-spot. She started moaning and came quickly. She had been very excited. "God, that was amazing, slave, simply amazing. Whipping you before having you eat me is a great turn on. Maybe Iíll try it more often. Now get your ass up her and fuck me!" she growled. I had no problem complying. I was still hard, having the cock ring on. I knelt up and easily slid my dick in to her slippery cunt. "You donít cum until I tell you," she warned me. Then she pressed a button on the remote and the vibrations in my ass sped up. "Yes, Mistress," I answered. Slowly, she scooted up the bed until I was lying on top of her, plunging in and out of her with ease. She didnít usually have an orgasm during straight intercourse, nor so soon after having just had one, but I could tell she was getting close again. She was moaning constantly. I hoped she would let me cum soon. "Yes, slave, yes, fuck me, fuck me, yesÖ" I felt her tense up, then she grabbed my ass, digging her nails int. I couldnít stop myself from screaming. "Cum now, you bastard, now!" she yelled. I had no choice. The pain in my ass had set off my orgasm. I exploded into her, pumping hard, ramming her cunt. Our cries mingled together. I finally collapsed onto her, holding her tight. After resting like that a few minutes, she pushed me a bit, indicating I should roll off of her. Doing so reminded me of the pain in my ass. I was going to be hurting for a while. "That was incredible. You are a good fuck." She was smiling at me, caressing my cheek. "Thank you, Mistress, youíre very good yourself," I replied. "Youíre a good husband, a good lover, and now, a good slave. I donít think I could be more happy." At that moment, I, too, was incredibly happy. I had greatly pleased her, because I was her slave, and had obeyed her unquestioningly. I could make her happy, and that was good. It just seemed so right. "Youíre mine, arenít you?" she asked, looking directly into my eyes. "Yes," I whispered, "body and soul." It sounded almost clichť to say, but I meant it completely. "Ah, yes." She kissed me on the lips, deeply, lovingly. "Mine forever."


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