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Princess Amy's Pictures
Princess Amy's Pictures
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Me and Emma
Me and Emma 
Here is me and my mate Emma! I am the one on the right :-)

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my nob is still throbbin from last nite ya lil slut lol
u know who! | December 29, 2006

Hiya babe, thanks for a good night the other night, took my mind off things a bit! x
Lee | January 12, 2007

hiya babe u just left my house lol good nite, have a wank later ova ya lol x
jon | February 01, 2007

Heard you shagged Jon last night you tart lol Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for you two! Haha!
Darren | February 01, 2007

darren mate even I couldn't keep up with her, fuckin hell WHAT A FUCK AMY IS!
jon | February 01, 2007

So I have heard!
Darren | February 01, 2007

yeah damn right, 6 and a half hours man, you gotta go there sometime. cheers amy you are hot as fuck, i know people always said you were a great fuck but couldn't have expected your innocent lukin self to be like that x
jon | February 01, 2007

quality fuk once again last nite amy, u want that vid deleting? the one with the cumshot lol
jon | February 18, 2007

Amy Amy Amy.... what a fantastic time with you in Amsterdam. For one so young you are so hot and it was great feeling.
Isaac | March 22, 2007

Good stuff now its the school holidays. Out on a Sunday, knickers ready to drop. Love it!
Carlos | April 02, 2007

You still coming out tonight? House is free if you want cock?
Danny Boi | June 22, 2007

Yo slut you were good other night, just tossed over the vid we did x
Danny Boi | June 24, 2007

Hi thought I'd have a look at ya wank site :-P Just gonna cummmm.
Alan | August 21, 2007

So did you get yourself some cock last night then? Probs know the answer to that one already little tart lol
Richie | August 23, 2007

So they've gone away then, that mean I have an invite? ;-P
Ben | September 11, 2007    Next