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1.raindrop faerie-You are automatically at this position when u join.You dont have to do anything to remain a raindrop faerie faerie.
2.Puddle faerie-You must have 50 posts and donated atleast 2000np to qualify for this spot
3.Stream faerie-You must have donated at least 10,000np and posted atleast 100 messages to qualify for this spot.
4.River faerie-You must have donated at least 20,000np and posted atleast 200 messages to qualify for this spot.You must also be very active and friendly.This position is also subcouncil so dont expect everyone to get it.
5.Council-This spot is very important,It will be very hard to get this spot.You must donate alot.Be online and post regularly.Help out members.And just b an overall good member.Applying for the council will get you no where.as_light_as_air and mjewelpk1 (the leader and the co owner) will decide the council.