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Become a SAG* Member!


Stardate 10.06.2000

Become a SAG* Member!!

It's fun and we are always looking for new members, we would be delighted to have you with us. It's easy to join, just click on the application link below, fill it out and e-mail it in...We will let you know shortly if you are accepted....


Q. What is SAG*
A. SAG* is a guild that is for fun and making we friends, we go on outings, throw party's, and just have fun.

Q. Why should I join SAG*?
A. SAG* want's ans would like to have new members, by joining you will make new friends, have fun, and just get a chance to just be you.

Q. Do i have to pay money to be in the club?
A. No money is needed for fee's but depending on the branch you are joining there might be dues to have tips at no cost to you, check with the branch you will be joining for info, if no branch is in your area, you may start your own branch, just specify this on the application.

Q. What is the dress code for meetings and/or trips? A. The dress code is fairly simple and very leanient... it is as follows;
    Dress code
  • Wear something covering indecent parts
  • Please no descrimination to anyone or anyone's religion
That's it...

Q. What is the age limit?
A. At the moment we are accepting people anyone from the age of 11yr and up...

Q. When, where and how long are meetings?
A. T.B.A for all meetings, contact branch leader.

Q. What does SAG* stand for?
A. SAG* Stands for Superior Attitude Guild and the * at the end means that we are a friendship club.
I hope this Helps you in your decision to join SAG*.
Have a Nice and happy day!!!

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