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Q & A with Kaia about Mr.Lady Records

interview by:Kelli Kay

1.When did you start Mr.Lady? winter 1996, and officially w/bank account in 1997

2.Why did you start Mr.Lady? for the fame and fortune! ok, to be an outspokenly feminist/political record and video label that put out great music by like minded musicians, to try and help our artists take the musical route that represents their values, to be a fair business that caters to the ladies, freaks and fags.

3.How did you start Mr.lady? with $35.00 and a lotta of faith

4.Who works at Mr.lady? Tammy Rae and i do all the work, we have had lots of help from Mr. Interns over the years, as well as Melissa York has helped us so much as she's our designing woman, if you will, she does graphics for us.

5.How/why did you name it Mr.Lady Records? because that's what we are, mr. ladies! it's clearly a queer name and we wanted folks to recognize that

6.What do you look for when signing a band? we don't actually "sign" bands, but it's more of a spoken agreement....we mostly honestly put out music by our friends, but what we look for is a) good music b) a committment to making and promoting the music (touring) and c) political likeness to our own views, i mean, clearly not having to be exactly like know what i mean

7.Have you run into any problems being an independent record label? well sure, not enough money, people thinkin' our record label is "exclusive" cuz we're outspoken lesbians, we have had to work A LOT at this label for little to no pay, we run the biz out of our house so it intrudes on our personal lives....

8.Has the internet helped the label,if so how? it has, exposure, folks have access to our info without us having to mail out stuff, it's great in that respect.

9.What do you think about bootlegs? i don't know, i mean, i don't think about that too much, i think if folks are selling music of people like us, who already don't make a living off of doing music, and without the bands/artists receiving a cut, that sorta sucks but i don't really care that much about it,,, i mean look at Napster....i just don't care that much about that stuff, bigger concerns like eminem and limp biskit being famous

10.How many bands do you sign a year? not many at all, again we don't "sign" bands, but we put out anywhere from 3 to 8 new records a year, so far.....we'll see how it goes in the future

11.What is the most difficult part of running an independent label? all work and no play! to quote the Shining....having to sit in front of the compuer for 1/2 the day bums me out the most!

Thanks to Kaia for answering these,be sure an check out MR.LADY RECORDS an all the Great bands on it.