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Robert Preuss

Writer, born 1959
South Bend, Indiana
Resides in Saratoga Springs, NY

shipaground AT


december 21, 2004

Palmetto bug awakened by loud snorkeling
emerges from breathing tube
through mouthpiece
startling diver
who discharges arbalete
which punctures Zodiac
ferrying corporate chief to superyacht
for megamerger blockbuster confab
wherefore MSNBC reports
the deal is off causing markets to tumble

all the way to the bottom
of the Marianas Trench

the drowning victim fathoms
what is beyond mortal ken
and it's all blasť blasť ...

How Wal-Mart cuts hair:

First the head is deftly severed for shipment to Thailand.
Electric current is applied to stand each hair on end
prior to reduction. The head is then discharged
from artillery cannon to the next phase:
Antiquing w/optional stressing of the scalp.

The legal department head:
In this hostile regulatory environment ...blasť blasť ... we find
your insect to be out of compliance ...

The MSNBC economist head:
The cutting of costs by U.S. corporations
will be a sight to behold ...

The early retirement head:
Hey, the family dog looks just like Spot
from the Dick, Sally and Jane books ...

The Brini Maxwell head:
This is not a Chia Pet-like response
to some miracle elixir ...

Head No. 3 (an old slide projector from someone's attic):
um-me-whee-ooo tuh-KAH tuh-KAH ...

Head of teenage girl on bus:
Blasť blasť ...

Item, unit price, quantity, destination, vehicle.
Guest, duration, room type, rate, form of payment.
Volume, pitch, timbre, sustain.

Picard peers from bathyscaphe port, concludes that
in poetry we are all that language allows us.
An expanding universe wherein we get smaller
and larger at equal rate. Through the darkness he discovers
what appears to be a flounder. He remarks on its vision
while it's not surprising at this depth
that the fish is flat.

Copyright © 2005 by Robert S. Preuss

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