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I started reading Francesca's books when I was about 15, I think. It all started when I bought the book Zine Scene. I had never heard of her before but thought I'd see if I liked her books. First I checked out I Was A Teenage Fairy and I really enjoyed that book. I found that she had something different and new and really made me feel good when I read her stuff. Next I bought Witch Baby at a used book store but felt that I should read the books in order and set out to buy Weetzie Bat. I fell in love with these books and bought the rest of the set and liked her work more and more. I now own all of her easily found books and Ecstasia but I'm still desperatly looking for Primavera and any other rare books by her. I think my two favorite books by her are Weetzie Bat, Witch Baby, Girl Goddess #9, and The Hanged Man. These last two were probably the books that I enjoyed the most. Although all of her books inspire me, I think these two inspired me the most. I still love to read them. Well I guess that's all.