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Smith College is a liberal arts institution for women in Northampton, MA, and a special place for most of its alumnae. 

Even beyond the Grecourt Gates: a little ghost of myself will always be frolicking in the leaves on Chapin lawn!  

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We could all quit our day jobs and fuck around with venture capitalists' money!

T-SHIRTS!! get yer handpainted limited-edition smith tees right here! yes, they're rude! yes, they're crass! but they're funny as hell and they'll help you find your inner badass! for ordering info, send email. hurry, they're going fast!

Front: "I go to Smith", red lettering, classic logo font. Back: "for the bitches." "smith college class of 1997. reunion 2000", smaller. *also available for Mount Holyoke and Mills.

IN THIS ISSUE...check it out!! See a cool little slideshow of San Francisco Smith Alum slippery d's trip to Pride 2000! This is best viewed in Internet explorer 4.0 and better.

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE...well, not much else. but i'm sure ambitious, ain't i???? as if i don't have a full-time job, YOU have any ideas you'd like to come to life on the web? the arts? literature? social justice? quality satire? e-gallery space for emerging artists? it might be a very cool adventure! as you can see, i have NO expertise in webdesign. do you? email us here and let's perennially bless the web with our presence...

Miss Pride this year?
Check out this slide show from the San Francisco Bash, courtesy of a Smith Alum! Best viewed in Internet Explorer 4.0 or better.

Back to School
Getting back in the groove after time out in the "real world"

Smith Housing
What makes a house a home?

all photos and graphics except 'back to school' and 'you are here' by the author of this page.

Them apples media home

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