The Game

"Hi Donnie." said 17 year old Megan, as she opened the front door and let him in. He followed her into the living room. There was no one else home.

"All to ourselves eh?" he said, grinning devilishly.

"Oh you." she laughed, tossing her long reddish-brown hair over her shoulder. When she wasn't looking, 18 year old Donnie checked her out. Her beautiful hair hung loose. She was wearing a tight white tee shirt that revealed a little but of her cute little belly. She had on semi-baggy capri pants that went to her knees, and her feet were bare, the toenails painted green.

"What do you want to do?" asked Megan, interrupting Donnie's zoned out gaze.

"Huh?" he said, sitting down on the couch.

"A bit out of it, aren't we?" she laughed. "Wait here, I'll go get us some sodas." Megan disappeared into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, looking for some Sprites.

She and Donnie were close to dating. With his curly brown hair, blue eyes, and playful personality, he was definately a joy to all of the girls. Megan was starting to get to know him pretty well, but there was one important thing she didn't know about him: Whether or not he was ticklish. Megan did have a bit of a tickle fetish and there was nothing cuter to her that a guy who is ticklish. She planned on investigating this today.

"Here we go." she said, giving him the drink. She sat next to him on the couch.

"Thanks." he said. Megan grinned at him. She waited for him to finish his drink and set it aside.

"So.." he said, looking at her and grinning.

"Okay, like, I have to do something now." said Megan.

"Well, there is just something I've been dying to know.." said Megan.

"Ask me. I don't care." said Megan.

"Well." said Megan, grinning. "I think I have a better way of finding out.." Megan grinned and began tickling Donnie's sides like crazy. Donnie's eyes widened and he began laughing and wiggling. He wrestled away from her, laughing.

"Hey!" he laughed.

"You're ticklish!" said Megan, grinning.

"Hell yeah I'm ticklish." said Donnie.

"Do you not like being tickled?" asked Megan.

"Well, it IS fun." said Donnie, shrugging. "But I always have to try to get away when someone is tickling's like..yikes!"

"Well, what would you do if you couldn't get away?" Megan asked, grinning devilishly.

"What do you mean?" asked Donnie.

"What if you were chained down or your feet were in stocks or something?" asked Megan. Donnie shook his head.

"And someone was tickling me?" said Donnie. "Oh man..I'd probably just die from laughing so hard."

"Yeah?" said Megan.

"Well, what about you?" said Donnie, grabbing her side. Megan squealed.

"Haha, you're ticklish TOO!" he laughed.

"Very." laughed Megan. "I know of something really fun we can do right now."

"Yeah?" said Donnie. "What is it?"

"Let's play a tickle game." said Megan.

"Oh, man." said Donnie. "I think I'm gonna be dead before tonight."

"Come on." said Megan. "It'll be sooooo fun!"

"All right.." said Donnie, grinning.

"Okay." Megan said. "Let's see, I know a good one! We'll need a hat, and a pencil and paper."

"There's a hat over there." said Donnie, pointing across the room on the mantle where Megan's brother's hat lay.

"Okay, cool!" said Megan. She quickly ran to her mother's desk and got a pencil and some paper.

"Okay, what we are gonna do, is write down some time limits on these peices of paper." said Megan. "Like, say, twenty minutes, ten minutes, a half hour, whatever."

"Okay." said Donnie. "How many of them?"

"Mmmm..let's say five different ones." said Megan. "Let's do, a half hour, twenty minutes, ten minutes, five minutes, and one minute." Megan quickly wrote the time limits on paper, folded the papers up, and then stuck them in the hat.

"Okay, first off, I get to be the tickler okay?" asked Megan.

"Yeah." said Donnie.

"But you might be able to get me back. It depends on if you win the game." said Megan. "See, I'm gonna tie you up. I'm gonna give you a safeword, let's If at any point when you are being tickled and you can't take it anymore, just yell the safeword, and I'll stop. But..that means I win! If I tickle you throughout the timelimit and you DON'T yell the safeword? See, then you get to tie me down and tickle me for that amount of time. And I don't get a safeword."

"Ohhh..I see." said Donnie, grinning devilishly.

"Come on." said Megan. She led Donnie into her room. She had a four poster bed, with handcuffs and ties on all four posts.

"My ex-boyfriend Ryan was a total ticklephile." explained Megan. "We played games like this all the time."

"Cool." said Donnie.

"Lay down on the bed, oh and take your jacket off. And your shoes." said Megan.

"Megan." said Donnie. "If you tickle my feet..oh my god I'll die."

"Hehehe." Megan laughed, grinning playfully. Donnie took his shoes and jacket off and lay down on the bed like a spread eagle. Megan hooked him into the restraints.

Donnie had sweat beading on his shoulders. He felt so helpless. In a way it turned him on, but he was completely new to all of this stuff. When he was younger, he remembered his older cousins holding him down and tickling him often at family get togethers. He was so extremely ticklish sometimes he would laugh so hard he cried.

"Okay." said Megan, taking the hat. "Are you ready?"

"Yup." said Donnie. He was lying. He had never been less ready for anything. Megan grinned and closed her eyes. She pulled a peice of paper out of the hat. Donnie prayed it would be a short time. Megan unfolded the paper and grinned when she saw what it said.

"Mmmmm...looks like we've got a HALF an HOUR of tickling ahead of us boy!" she said, grinning with evil. Donnie laughed and moaned.

"I'm gonna die!" he laughed.

"Remember the safeword!" she said. "And remember, if you survive this, you get to tickle the crap outta me for a half an hour!" Donnie grinned. Megan walked up and down the bed.

"Mmmmm..she said. "Where should I start? I think...I'm gonna start, with...the belly!" Megan dove in for all it was worth, and she began digging her fingers into his belly. Donnie arched his back and let out a howl of laughter.

"Noooooo! No no no! Hehehehahahaha!" Donnie laughed madly, bucking up and down on the bed. But his limited range of movement was not enough to save him from Megan's tickling fingers.

"Ohhhhh is the belly ticklish?" said Megan, continuing to tickle him. "Well, how about we try the ribs!?" Megan began raking her fingers over Donnie's tender ribcage. Donnie was screaming with laughter. His entire body was shaking.

Megan tickled his ribs for about three more minutes. She still had plenty of tickling time left, and she wanted to make sure to get into all of the positive tickling spots.

"And now." said Megan, over the sound of Donnie's hysteric hooting. "Now, the most ticklish spot..the bottoms of the feet." Donnie laughed crazily.

"Noo!" he giggled. "No no no! Please not there!" Megan ignored him and moved to his feet. She removed his socks. His feet were a large size 13. Plenty of tickling space.

Megan began by ever so gently scraping her long fingernails up and down the bottoms of Donnie's feet. Donnie was already going crazy, thrashing his head back and forth and twitching violently. He wasn't laughing yet, just letting out hoots and moans. Megan quickly changed that by spider tickling the bottoms of his feet like crazy. Donnie soon was laughing so hard not a sound came out of him. But his face was held in a twisted grin, and tears were falling from his eyes. His entire body was shaking violently. He had never felt anything tickle this much in his entire life. He couldn't even speak, or think, at least not about anything but the waves of tickling flowing up his legs and throughout his body. He wanted to scream the safeword so badly, as Megan's fingers danced across the soles of his bound feet. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"BANANNA!" he sobbed, laughing. Megan stopped tickling him and began untying him while he gasped for breath.

"Ohh man." he said, sitting up. "Damn, I suck. I'm weak damn it!" Megan laughed.

"Nothing has ever tickled that much in my entire life." said Donnie, shaking his head. "I though I was gonna die there for a minute. I couldn't breathe!" Megan smiled.

"Well, did you like it?" asked Megan. "Wanna do it again sometime?"

"Yeah." said Donnie. "But next time, I'm tickling YOU!" Megan laughed.

"No problem." laughed Megan.