Summer Camp Laughs 2: The Tickle War

"Okay." said Heather, as she and about ten of the other girls stood around in the cabin. "We are gonna organize an ATTACK on the guys." The girls cheered and clapped.

"Shhhh." said Heather. "Now listen. They've got us with water balloons, we've got them with the paint, I mean, we've been basically throwing things at eachother, but I know a secret weapon that will help us win this damn war...and show them that girls rule!" Everyone clapped again.

"Valerie, do you wanna come up here and tell us what Nikki and you discovered today about Brian?" Heather said, sitting down on the bed.

"Yeah." said Valerie, standing up. "Nikki and I were messing around with Brian today, and we found out that he is soooo ticklish." Heather grinned.

"How cute!" laughed Ginger, from the top bunk. "He seems so tough."

"Okay, look you guys, basically the ones that started this are Brian, Jack, and Tyrell, right?" said Nikki.

"Yeah." said Maria. "They through the water balloon at Heather yesterday."

"Who did that?" asked Heather. "I didn't even see. Was it Tyrell?"

"Yeah." said Nikki. "But anyways, with ten of us against three of them, it shouldn't be too guys see what I'm getting at here.."

"Tickle war!" all the girls chorused at once.

"Okay, we KNOW Brian's ticklish right?" said Heather. "What about the other guys..?"

"Yeah, if one of them ISN'T ticklish..then they could fight back.." said Maria.

"Yeah, and I know they'll go for me first. They all know how ticklish I am." said Heather.

"This could backfire you guys." said Nikki. "Let's all wear shoes..tight shoes."

"Brian is deathly ticklish on his stomach and ribs." said Valerie. "You barely pinch him there and he falls apart, so we should only have about two people going after him.."

"Okay, Brian's a hottie, I'll tickle him." said Nikki. "Who else wants to join me?"

"I will!" said Vanessa, who had been silent the entire time. Everyone laughed.

"Jack's ticklish too." said Heather. "But I don't know about Tyrell. Get a bunch of people on him because we might have to hold him down if he isn't ticklish.."

"We'll find his ticklish spot." said Valerie. "Don't worry. Come on, they're probably in their cabin now, let's go get them!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Man." said Tyrell. "Nikki looked sooo fine today."

"God yeah." said Jack. "But Heather is the hottest girl here at camp." Heather was beautiful, especially to Jack. He liked her punk rock style and cute, short white blonde hair.

Do you think the girls are up to something?" asked Brian. "I think they might be planning to get us back."

"Oh.." said Jack, gently touching his spikey black hair, as he often did when he was nervous, or bored.

"I think they might go-"

Tyrell was interrupted by the door being pushed open. Heather, Valerie, Nikki, Maria, Vanessa, Jessica, Carmen, Hydie and Alie all stood there, a devilish grin on each of their faces.

"What the-" Jack started.

"ATTACK!" screamed Heather. The girls ran into the room. Nikki and Vanessa immediately jumped on Brian. Heather, Valerie and Hydie grabbed ahold of Jack, and the rest of the girls tackled Tyrell.

"What the hell!?" yelled Tyrell. Nikki and Vanessa were already tickling Brian. Nikki had him straddled, and she and Vanessa were attacking his belly. Brian was stronger than both of the girls combined, but he was laughing so hard that he didn't even have the energy to fight back.

"AAAHHHHHHHHH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Brian yelped with giggles, as the girls pinched, tickled, and poked at his belly. He was in a helpless fit of laughter.

Over on the other side of the room, Tyrell was being help down by the rest of the girls. They tried tickling his belly but there was no reaction. He was very strong, and they were almost losing control over him. Heather and Valerie were easily getting Jack. He was fighting back a little, grabbing at Heather and Valerie's sides, but the three of them were distracted enough, a big ball of giggles. The only problem was Tyrell. He didn't seem to be ticklish at all.

"Get off me!" said Tyrell. "You girls are so dead!"

"Where are you ticklish?" Maria demanded. Tyrell shook his head.

"I'm not!" he said. He looked a little nervous.

"You don't look so sure!" said Carmen. She was still making lame attempts at tickling his sides.

"That's it!" Jessica, yelling over the insane laughter coming from across the room. "Get his shoes off girls!" Hydie and Jessica dove for Tyrell's feet. Tyrell struggled violently.

"Stop it!" he yelled. "Stop it! Don't take my shoes off!" The girls ignored him and pulled off his shoes. The off came the socks. Tyrell struggled madly. Then Jessica and Hydie began violently tickling the soles of his feet. His feet began twitching and his face screwed up into a tortured grin.

"His feet are ticklish!" said Carmen, seeing his reaction. "Keep tickling!" The girls did, their fingernails scraping against Tyrell's sensitive feet.

"STOP!" Tyrell demanded. He was trying to sound angry, but he couldn't stand it anymore, and his eyes squeezed shut.

"Hehehehehehehehe!" he giggled, as the girls tickled his feet. "Hehehehehehe!"

"He's ticklish!" yelled Carmen. "YEAAAAAHHHHH!" The girls continued their tickle attack, and the howls of laughter could be heard throughout the entire camp. It was terrible tickle torture, but the guys didn't hate it too much, who could complain that there were ten cute girls tickling you? And besides, they knew that soon enough, the tickle war would continue... THE END