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sparkles Welcome to The Unearthly sparkles

Sparkle LeftWelcome fantasy seekers! My name is Lauren,

and I have created this page for people out there

who like fantasy, just like me! I really hope you

like this website, and if you me! Anyways,

go ahead and look around, explore, imagine the


***.¸¸.·´¨`»* Lady Lauren *«´¨`·.¸¸.***

Shooting Star

Last Updated: August 11

I just made a site ring...If any of you would like to join it, click .

I have drawn a few "adoptions" that I would be glad to give new homes to...*CLICK HERE*to visit their home.

Talk to me! :)
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pretty"May the force be with you, for the truth is out there!"pretty

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believe what you want to believemaybe I'll find my romeoopen your mindmaybe...

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