February 2007

Well, well, well, it's finally out: issue eight. It's the biggest one yet, and what amazing fun it is. The Queen has already been on the blower to tell us what a smashing job we in the Fall camp have done.

Feel free to send us $2 and we shall send you out a copy.

Also Struth Arse Publishing has just released the second issue of …And Other Stories zine. It is available for the same price.



Cyril contemplating the error of his ways.

Fall t-shirt

Fall of Because T-shirts still available. $15 in large and medium.




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issue eight
Issue eight out now!!!

Hey all you Fall of Because kids! Want'a link us to your little rotten site? Well go here to get your self our banner....

Come and see the Fall of Because's nude man running on the moon!!!

Checkout these other brilliant releases from Struth Arse Publishing!!!!!


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