There is only one thing you need to do to live a productive and just life. You must admit that you are human. This may seem obvious, but the less people admit this and 'act their race', the less we as a species are able to progress and evolve.
We are what we are. The world in which we live in is the world in which we live. If I punch you in the face, it hurts. If I drop something, it falls to the ground. To us these are facts. It is all real to us as human beings.
Of course you may say 'well, what is reality?' How do we all know if any of this is real? If someone opened the lid on our universe, would they see any thing? Who knows. But even if not, if I hit you it will still hurt. It's fact to us because we see, we hear, we feel, therefor we are!
A lot of people will try to tell you that you're not human. Christian Science says that pain and suffering is an act of God and should not be tampered with. I realise that for most there is no need for me to proceed any further with this paragraph because of its ridiculous nature. But I shall put in an analogy of sorts.
Baby touches the heater; it hurts. Baby thinks, don't do that again, it hurts. Baby has learned something. Christian Science…well, enough said.
If an adult did the same thing, but was told or read in a book that this was some other powers will, then some of them do it again and again. Which one do you thing is the immature malformed one?
Humans are far from perfect creatures. We are all prone to doing the most stupid things. But there is still some good left, and I believe that we can improve and better our selves as we evolve. But the only way to evolve is to say I'm human, here are my faults, now how can I fix them? We must always be aware of our failures.
Our ability for stubborn blind faith has given the poison of such non-thinking theories as Christianity an immense strangle hold over our lives. What better way to cover up our natural desires for hate and to always be on the righteous side, than to be part of something which 'does so much good'.
Unlike more down to earth and realistic religions and ways of thinking, Christianity has no place for 'if it works for them'… Instead there is only one God, and one way of thinking. That way if you are on the side of right, then you can hate who you want, kill who you want, repress who you want, and still be given free ad time on the telly. It doesn't matter what you do, you're not going to Hell.
Christianity could be so wonderful a religion. Love thy neighbour, doesn't that sound nice? If only they didn't hate so many people.
If only they didn't concentrate on what somebody dreamed will happen, and then wrote in a book, then changed, then when that didn't come true, changed again. And looked at what is going on RIGHT NOW right in front of their eyes.
We will never be able to push forward and progress if we don't admit what we are. They say you can't beat a drinking problem if you don't admit that you are an alcoholic. If we don't admit that we are human and the failures which we have, we shall not be able to over come them. The earth was born to evolve and progress and so was mankind. But we won't if we stay stuck in the mud. Progress and thought has been neglected by our stupid notion of a moral and righteous society.

Creativity, free thinking, and exploration have always been regarded as the work of the Devil. If it's new and non-conformist then it's evil. But with out the Devil we would have no Electricity, not Medicine, no Internet for Christians to send Urban myths about computers controlled by the Devil to each other with. No evolution. NO LIFE!

At the moment I believe it really is a war against Christian ways of thinking. It may seem a silly way to have to put it, but the fact is that even in this (so we like to think) enlightened time, we still do not have the freedom to choose.
You may say that you think religion is stupid and does not make sense. You don't believe in God. Or maybe you do and say you became this way through your own choice. But Christianity and it's associated devils are so instilled into society and into our brains that almost all of us, even those of the most right wing extreme, will still think from time to time, is it all really true? At the end of it all through some strange guise, are they right?
Well of course not, it's imposable, at least to be understood by a human being, which is what we are.
But I'm not talking about the fact that it still controls a third of the planet. But rather, at least in English speaking countries, if you have any interaction with other Humans then chances are you are keeping that faith alive.
So many facets of this religion have been woven into the lives of even the biggest Atheists. If somebody wants to say Grace at the dinner table every body shuts up and is respectful. But if a Satanist wanted to do the same at the same table, they would most likely be hounded from the building.
Why does society seem to have so much more patience for this religion more than any other? Is it because it is so big? Or just that it has been around so long that it ceases to be a religion for those who feel the calling, and becomes part of social existence and must be accepted by all? And until it has been beaten back to a manageable amount we will never have a free choice to believe what we think is right guilt free.
For example I was at a funeral once, and the guy who had died was given a ceremony with Christian overtones, and while it could have been a lot worse, it very much annoyed me that he was being given a send off like this when he himself thought Christianity was a load of tot.
I resented the fact that he was being treated this way. I mean aren't we supposed to be nice when giving the dead their send off. I really felt a strong urge to bring up this point when it was asked whether any one would like to get up and say any thing about him. But I didn't.
When I was telling a friend of this after wouldst he commented that I was right, but it wouldn't be very nice for his parents. That was just the way things were done. IT WASN'T RIGHT BUT THAT WAS JUST THE WAY THINGS WERE DONE. Animals are experimented on pretty much for fun, women are still treated like cattle in some countries, Capitalism has gone mad, we send money to third world countries to help, then ask for it back with interest, but that's just the way things are done. That's how its always been so there's no need to change that right? Wrong
But even though it may make us angry it wouldn't be polite. This is exactly the problem! It doesn't HAVE to be this way. We need to stand up and say "This is not what he would have wanted!" The more people who don't want to make a scene, the more people and institutions like this will have a deadly hold over us.
Some branches of Feminism seem to be headed the way of the 'we're right, your wrong' Christian policy. I've never seen what's so wrong with porn in the eyes of some.
"It's degrading to women."
"So what do we do about it?"
"Well, when you next see a woman on the side of a swimming pool spreading their legs open for the world to see you should reframe from photographing them."
"Ok, so that will stop a mass of people seeing it. But what if someone walks past the swimming pool?"
My point here, and I do have one, is if a woman is being exploited, then why does she take her clothes off and wait to be photographed? If they don't like it why do they do it?
Maybe they like it? In fact all the interviews and what not I have read with Porn actresses have said they do it because they enjoy it.
"They don't realise they are being exploited." No. I think women are just as intelligent as anyone else. Ie. men.
And anyway that would mean admitting that humans like doing that sort of thing and it doesn't 'fit in' with societies' picture.
No that's not it. They do it purely because they need the money. If some didn't DO IT, given unemployment, they would stave to death. The same as becoming a prostitute. Though of course with men that's a different story, with most men they don't have that option so they just starve to death.

Women's magazines and fashion are to some extent even greater enemies of the 'act your race movement'. Though these seem to be driven by money alone.
How do you make money? Find a product which every body needs and sell it. But things have gotten a little more sinister here. In this case you tell people what they need then make products to sell to them. And we're not talking about a few quacks selling bogus hair tonic. I'm talking about parasites who pray off humanities need for social contact and acceptance.
If you would like to buy some pornography (a man's magazine), then buy it. But of course with women's magazines it's a world away. These are magazines for women by women. So obviously they come with women's best interests at heart.
Look at all these lovely cloths. What? Not in your size? Well you must be too FAT, for a woman. Have you tried this one? Diet no. 666. There are quite a lot around. Women must all be very FAT these days. Look at this boy band. What? You don't like them! Yes you do. They're in this women's magazine, so if you don't like them you mustn't be a real woman!
Ie, I'm a woman, I must be crap! Wake up girls! If someone threw a knife at your friend, but at that moment she bends over to tie up her shoe and it hit you in the chest, you don't blame her, you blame the person with the knife for throwing it in the first place. Stop bickering and being bitchy to one another, and look at the real picture.
The most sexist people I've ever met, sadly, have all been women, and mainly towards each other. You don't say "I'm not going out to gather wood for a fire, that's a man's job!" And the same for men.
"House work and cooking is women's work." Eat dirt you looser! As that's about all you'll be doing, as when all the girls decide to move to Venus, you're the one who's going to be crawling around on the floor with all the self sufficiency skills of a new born! But things will never progress if women spend all day telling each other how crap they are!

People who are against abortion have always intrigued me. They always seem to come off hypocritical. As the premise is that we should think of the unborn child here etc. But in reality it's never really about the child.
When was the last time you heard a woman say 'Well, I don't really want a baby, but it wouldn't be fare not to give it life". It's always "I want a baby!" Or "I want an heir!" There 's no question as to whether the baby want's them.
If you say someone has no right to not give an unborn foetus life, then unless you are permanently pregnant, or permanently in the process of getting someone pregnant, then you are merely throwing stones. Because think of all those unborn souls you are actively preventing from existing!
This of course is ridiculous. If we spent all our time and resources making babies, which is what you would have to if you don't want any NOT to be born, then they would be born into a bland meaningless place; and where's the fun in that?

Stupid social hang-ups must be beaten down. What's wrong with a man wearing a dress? It's just a piece of cloth. It keeps out the cold.
And for a sex who are supposed to be so crap and 'weak', men have relied on them an awful lot to look after the children look after the house and look after them. It doesn't make sense. Aren't we just patronising our selves guys? Dependency breads weakness!
Nothing here mentioned involves spending vast amounts of money to fix. There are no vast amounts of money at stake. All you have to do is stop and say that this isn't right. It's just bringing every body and myself down. If you stop believing others when it becomes harmful to your self. If you don't buy, and more importantly, don't believe magazines which are designed to keep you coming back, then they will stop making them. It always seams to stops at the dollar when it comes to society.

James Mclachlan


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