A lot of people look down on Democracy as a praticaal and, even worth while, form of government. But I'm not so sure. It may have its flaws, but then what system of government doesn't.
Ideally my ideal system of country ruling would be to have a monarchy. A dictertatrership. But monarchy, Kings and queens; Princes and Princess', sounds more romantic don't you think. Where by a couple of people, King, Queen has final say over every thing in the Nation. All are treated equally under the one rule. The tiny proviso with this however, is that the King and Queen have to be nice caring people, and stay that way for the whole time they're both Kinging and Queening. So when somebody works out how to stop total power from going to somebody's head, with out resulting to installing a machine for us all to be governed by, please contact me, so we might work out how to save humanity together. Preferably over dinner and then a Meg Ryan film.
The fact that we all, (the common populous), have the vote, is a comforting thought, and I believe, essential for mass well being in the community.
But while this may be of comfort to every Johny Gail Junkie Janitor and every Betty Booze Breathalyser Barefoot, it is a common cause of many a sleepless night for many a Politician and Government official. Why? Because the common populous is composed of 93% bonefidye FUCK WITS. And I don't mean FUCK in the nice way either. The sad truth is that most people are far to stupid to choose who should be running the country. This, I propose, is the main true flaw in our democratic system.
So is Democracy truly lost? Well I don't think so, and there is a way out of this problem with only a couple of small changes.
Firstly the populous at large still need to be in main control of who is chosen to be our leader.
I Firstly propose that in order to keep the morons out of the voting booths, I suggest that at eighteen every man and every woman must be subjected to an 'IDIOT TEST'. This will not only serve to demonstrate the individuals capacity to vote, but also whether they are suitably equipped to drive a motor car and own a fire arm.
As well as this, each person will be given the choice, either be given the right to vote or become a foot ball fan.
I hope that this has served as inspiration to someone to extend these ideas and to fully create a system of Democracy that will work in all areas and levels of the Australian nation.

James Mclachlan


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