At the Social

Social conditioning has always been one of those things, which has annoyed, but at times greatly amused me. Not being able to do something because of your sex for example. The number of women I've seen telling a guy to stop being a girl when he complains that he's hurt himself always makes me laugh. But they're absolutely right! Men shouldn't act like women because as we all know women are far lowlier and worth less than a pair of old shoes.
It may just be my experience, but the most sexist people that I've met have been girls, and most of the time they don't seem to realise that they are putting them selves down at the same time. Window glaziers will be going out of business!
But the other day I saw something that gave me fresh hope for society and indeed the world in general. I had popped into Centrelink, and had only been waiting for about fifty minutes when two "Ferals" walked in. A boy and a girl. Now out of this pair I was interested in the boy, because he was waring a SKIRT! Not a kilt, like the checked flanny hanging down the back may have tried to make it out to be. As it had a tartan feel about it, but a grey school skirt. Now that's what I'd like to see more of. More boys in skirts. Telling society to eff off! Men can dress how they like. They don't always have to ware the pants…
Another thing that really gets up my nose, I knotised a little while ago in my local Launderette. I was going through the paper when I came across a catalogue. Target or something of that type. Inside there were little boys and girls modelling bathers and the like. After glancing at one particular page, I started to wounder why do some girl's bathers come in two pieces? Like a bikini. To give them more protection from the harmful rays of the sun perhaps? But the boys are still running around getting sun burnt, so that can't be right. An older woman may choose such attire to keep her boobs from being gored at by those less mentally endowed members of the community. But little girls don't have anything to cover up. So call me cynical if you will, but could it possibly be that the reason that girl's bathers come in this style is, under the pretence of it being cute, "She looks just like her mother etc.", to teach our little girls to be ashamed of their breasts before they've even got them! Yes, I think we are. And do you know why? It's because society is fucked!!! Thankyou for listening.

Peter Hilton


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