gallery of the altered


innocent fun
Came across this image, a rather workmanlike production originally, and saw it had possibilities, despite already having been made into a fake of *shudder* Britany Spears, one of the poster children for plastic insipidness. But the fact it was a bondage shot picture that managed to contain a sense of innocent fun (inspired really, using it as the base for a Britany shot given the particular schtick upon which her appeal is allegedly based) twhich so many don't really just grabbed me. So I utilised it for my first Dana Scully fake.

Somewhere in the past the body had been culled from its original background and as a result it suffered from CSO outline, which had to be masked out. I played around with the clothing a little using different layering methods to adjust the colour of it because just a straight change of hue didn't quite work. The heel needed a little resculpting because the original cut and paste hadn't been that expertly done, and I stretched the legs a little between knee and ankle to give them a slightly more elegant look. Britany's hair was kept and recoloured, then was subsequently blended in with that of the head shot to disguise the fact you could tell that B's hair had originally been cascading over a shoulder and looked very funny because it no longer was. The final stage involved creating a duplicate of the picture, running it through the Angled Strokes filter, then screening it back over the original with the result of overexposing the image slightly to hide some of the more obvious superimpositions.

black art
When I pulled this Royo off the sci-fi and fantasy binaries group, I just knew I had to use it for a Scully picture. The fact the subject was a red head formed part of the reason; the other came from the fact she was tattooed, as was Scully for an episode. So I imagined that this is a version of Scully who decided that she wanted tattoos that were rather more interesting than the rather traditional one she got and had removed in the episode. I had wanted to name the image after the tattoo episode, but it had rather disappointingly been named 'Never Again', so I came up with 'Black Art' instead. The title comes from the fact the tattooes are black, and plays on the X-Filey aspect of things occult.

The trickiest aspect was matching skin tones, as I had to substantially tinker with both the base image and head shot, altering not only tonal balances and hues, but saturation levels as well. Conversely, covering over the myriad of studs that the subject had been decorated with around her throat and navel was simplicity itself thanks to the rubber stamp tool, though I did have to darken the tattooes themselves. As with any image where I need thiongs over the face, such as hair or the tattoo beneath the eye, they were copied off the base and placed on higher layers. The areola had originally been covered by a metallic disk, surrounded by studs and from which a chain or some such depended. All that was removed, the disk copied over itself then recoloured and resized to give the appearance of an ordinary areola and nipple. Last of all I removed the title from over the image on the wall, and flipped the picture out of a sense of aesthetics.

Not surprisingly given the above ramble, this picture contains nudity.

an exercise in restraint
This one almost got called "innocent fun too" - same guy, same great choice of base shot, same odd attraction to BS... This time the original fake was more masterfully assembled but it didn't stop Miss Spears once again loosing eight pounds of unsightly flesh to make way for the true titan haired goddess. 8) I'm not sure quiet what it is about Scully and bondage that I dig so much - perhaps I just want to punish her for having so long displayed a Lois Lane-like inability to accept and recognize the obvious.

The hair is Scully's own this time, coming from a picture that was just so incredibly right for the image I was creating. Usual problem of matching skins arose and was dealt with, which lead to time being friviously wasted toying with the colour of the dress. I tried putting a new back ground in, but it was more trouble than it was worth.

I had real trouble coming up with a name for this piece - it is, after all, an image of Scully as Death from DC Comic's Sandman; I settled on 'waiting' because that one word just sums everything up. This composition seemed such a natural match given that Scully, despite her innate skepticism particularly towards Mulder's beliefs, is incredibly willing to place faith in judaeo-christian mysteries.

Once I'd found the headshot, I had to bleach the skin so that it'5d match the hands of the base image. The shoulder needed a little tinkering with as well so that the head blended in more naturally given the angles the face and body were both at. The most involved part were finning in the legs - the base image originally had the pants comprised solely of the filigreed metal, making it obvious that the legs weren't visible; at first I tried to colour the hollow spaces white to match the skin, then changed my mind and went for the more suitable black.

dana scully, m.i.b: magnificent in black
An entry for the 2001 FakeTrek contest, and finding the right head shot for it was a challenge in itself because of the angle the original was at. There are so very few shots of that kind out there in the ether for any celebrity, particularly the one you want, but sometimes you get lucky. And the name was just as hard to come up with as the pictue didn't really suggest anything special.

Lots of colour shifting went on here - the headshot originally had quite a golden hue compared to the more pinkish tones of the base. Apart from the skin, however, the hair on both parts needed to be individually matched as much as the skin did because they had to be blended together rather than simply matched. Once that was done, the shape of the base's hair had to be altered to fit in with the direction Scully's face was looking in.

dana's secret place
Mmmm, Dana Scully all wet. The orginal image featured a model in an old fashioned wash tub, but it looked rather dodgey so I decided to improve upon it with a new backgrouund. something that looks ike one of those marvelous places fictional characters always manage to find where they can restreat to.

Not one of my best constructions. After going through the usual colour matching rigmrarole, I flattened the image and excised the background before placing it onto a computer generated image of a waterfall inside a cave, then placed a transparent cloud haze over the whole image to give the impression either of hot springs or that mist that springs up at the base of waterfalls. I removed the color from the end product in order to make the disparate components look more natural together.

Photographic nudity.

magenta sequence
When you say it the right way, 'sequins' sounds a lot like 'sequence' and vice versa. It really was such a cute little get up that I thought it'd look even cuter on Scully.

Normal colour matching deal, but the dress needed work: originally it had been more obviously a floral decoration, which as a rule does little for my aesthetic sensibilities. The 'Find Edges Filter' is wonderfuul for situations like this, turning the subject slightly abstract - and in this case making little flowers look rather more glammy as sequins.

scully-ery maid
The french maid costume has pretty much become synonymous with eroticism. Sorayama supplied the base for this one, and the angle of the head matched a head shot of the delectable Agent Scully.

Nothing unusual about the colour matching, but it did take a little while. The cap had to be multilayered to fit in properly with the recoloured hair. There's still something about the positioning of the head that bugs me.

agents on display
Liked the picture because it was sort of cute, but hated the face so I decided to put a far more attractive one on it. It's really hard to go wrong with Scully.

In this endeavour, there are sometimes headshots that you really like using, and I used one such for this as I have a few other pictures in the gallery. I was trying to integrate Scully's face with the hair of the base shot, but it looked really ugly so I erased it all and used the entire head shot, shaving off some of the excess hair to account for the change in angle.

Artistic nudity.

under wraps
I really like this shot because it's one of those ones that are sexy and coy all at once. And there's that slightly touseled look that can seem so sexy too. It all works very well to bring out the different type of beauty possesed by Special Agent Monica Reyes.

The hair was the biggest problem with this image, combing that of the base image with that of the head shot. I eventually got around this by desaturating them both, being quite pleased to discover that though different shades they were both the same intensity.

panda eyes
As with the reye's picture above, this one of Scully is sexy and coy all at once, which is always a very nice thing. the term "panda-eyes" may be a culturally specific thing to Australia and the UK, but it refers to the way mascare can bring to mind the image of the dark patched of fur around the eyes of a giant panda.

I snatched one of my more favourite Scully headshots because the hair - pretty much none of which was used by the end of things - matched the base shot's style. An eraser set to partial transparency helped tremendously to blend the two faces together, particularly removing a rather dark hair shadow, the trace sof which can still be seen over the left eye. The final part was copying the original blonmde hair to another layer and reddening it suitably.

the proper care and feeding of your pet human
Probably the longest title I've ever given a piece mostly because the Dorian Cleavenger original was so elegantly titled "The Feeding". Naturally I had to make this a Scully piece, because apart from the alien abduction angle (and Cleavenger's stuff is so wonderfully insectile and alien), there was a perfect head shot to go with the picture.

The main difficulty came oddly enough with the ears - tyhe base's ears were a good 30 degrees out of allignment with the head shot's, so I had to copy and realign the ear spikes until they fit over Scully's own ears, then copy hair over the originals. The hair just above the forehead also had to be bulked out a little to fit. Once that was done, I copied the original face back over Scully's then erased most of it at about 40% transparency in order to get the correct shading. The last thing was adjusting the position of the hook to adjust for Scully's tongue, and make sure the blood looked like it was flowing properly.

Artistic nudity. Bondage.