gallery of the altered

Last Updated: April 25th 2005

Hello, and welcome to my humble collection of digitally altered and constructed images, the visual equivalent of remixing a piece of music. As the banner above may indicate, the focus of my art is the female form, and the subjects are predominantly characters from science fiction rather than the actors playing them. Some of the images do contain depictions of nudity and/or horror, and those that do are clearly marked as such. Still, if nudity and lesbianism bother you, then you should run away. Very very fast.

The site can be viewed using your browser's default text settings, but to see it as it was designed, you can download and install the bookman old style font if you don't already have it installed. This is the font I use on the badging that runs down the side of my images.

Please let me if you want to link to the gallery (curiosity) and don't distribute the images herein without asking (politeness). As long as people show me some respect, I'm usually pretty amenable.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated.

There's also an announcement-only mailing list you can join to be notified of updates to the gallery. There's virtually no traffic on it, and the only one who can post to it is me.