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YaHooka ~ The Guide to Marijuana on the Internet
The Guide to Marijuana on the Internet

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Burn Down The Trees

ok. "marajuana is an illegal and controled substance and shouldn't be done unless for medical reasons." such reasons may include: migranes, depression, Arthritis, Glacoma, Gonhorea- if you got gonhorea, smoking won't cure it but it'll make you feel better. Anger Management, Insomnia, Anarexcia- shit, your gonna eat somethin. Stress, And pretty much and any other shit you think smokin will cure.

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unfortunetly i have lost most of the quotes i had collected of my and my friends so the actuall content fo this page isn't too much yet, but gimmie some time to fix it up. I've managed to add a little more, go here: http://www.angelfire.com/zine/stonyhut/more

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