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Stan Lee Presents:

Tales of the Zombie!

First, a bit of background on the book before We get to the title itself:

"Monsters Unleashed Again" by Ralph Macchio: Marvel Preview #8

"The realm of the undead has many permutations and variations on itself which allow for ample lattitude in the selection of a theme around which a horror magazine can be published. One topic which has been given some exposure before but never really had a magazine devoted to it was voodoo. And what better to make the main feature in such a book than the adventures of one of the most horrifying spectres from beyond the grave: a zuvembie. And so TALES OF THE ZOMBIE was born and became one of the four flagship productions of the newly opened Marvel Monster Shop. Although he was a "new" character in the Monster Universe, the origins of Marvel's zombie date back to a graphic story by Sub-Mariner creator Bill Everett ((this story was reprinted in Tales of the Zombie #1 and Tales of the Zombie Annual #1)). When Stan Lee had decided he wanted to do a magazine entitled TALE OF THE ZOMBIE it was left in the capable editorial hands of one Roy Thomas to decide just who that zombie was going to be. When Roy uncovered the late 50's tale featuring the zombie by Bill Everett, he knew Marvel had its newest fear-feature set. Zombie had a short run of ten issues ((plus a appearance in the 1982 Bizarre Aventures #33, and a missing story called "The Partial Resurrection Of Simon Garth" that was supposed to be in Tales #10, but reportedly was lost in Guam at the time of publication. The "next issue" box in Tales #10 said this story wold be in Tales #11, but the book nor the story to our knowledge was never released)), but it, as did all the other fledgling Marvel Magazines, became ever more and more worth its cover price. The scripting ws by Steve Gerber, whose own Man-Thing color series, another Monster Craze offshoot, became a classic in its own time. Suffice to say Steve did more with Marvel's zombie than had ever been done with a character of its kind before, in any medium."

Additional editorial by Us in ((---)).

On With The Show!

CoverIssueCover ArtDate





ToZ #1


Altar of the Damned!


Night of the Walking Dead!


Steve Gerber

Bill Everett
Gray Morrow

1st Simon Garth

cameo in DL #2
on sale now

Summary: Simon and Donna Garth end up going together separately to Haiti, home of voodoo. They go for the aid to reverse the curse - in Simon's case - and for semi-profeesional help - in Donna's case. They visit Dr. Anton Cartier, an old friend of the family who researches voodoo. He hides Simon from Donna in a secluded cave once Simon utters raspy, dead words to him; "you... will.. help..?"
Donna is stolen in her sleep by a man working for the local mad scientist. He is out to better humanity or some similar madness (I like madness!) from the privacy of his own secret lab. He turns Donna into his latest (collect them all!) horrible spider-creature which escapes into the night after killing him.
(The Horror Movie Themes CD is especially chilling music for this story! It really sets the mood!)
Simon cannot stay still: part of his zombie curse is the compulsion to walk the earth ("Walk the Earth?" "Yeah, like Caine from Kung-Fu."). Wow! See as the Donna-creature kills those in her way! Suspense! Horror! Will she survive and more, will she want to??
Simon has stopped to ponder a stream and is attacked by his daughter-creature. He sees the attack as a metaphor for his past relationships with women. His cold form only enrages her further. She/It tries in vain to devour him and eventually falls, spent of rage and venom. The spider-form is temporary and Donna returns. Simon has saved her in death the way he treated her in life. He then returns to the damp coldness of the cave. Donna remembers her ordeal ever so slightly, along with the fact she has seen her father living beyond the grave!
Simon's tale continues in ToZ #3 below!

Other Stories: Voodoo Unto Others, Acid Test, Introducing Brother Voodoo, Twin Burial, From out of the Grave, Voodoo: What's that all about, Alfred?
Artists: Gene Colan, Winslow Mortimer, Ralph Reese, John Romita, George Tuska
Writers: Chris Claremont, Tony Isabella, Stan Lee, Chuck Robinson
Honorary Technical Advisor: The Grateful Dead
Also: a Memorial for Bill Everett, co-creator of the Zombie (May 18, 1917-Feb 27, 1973). Written by Jim Steranko.

ToZ #2

Oct 1973

Voodoo Island
Night of the Spider

Steve Gerber

Pablo Marcos

2nd Simon Garth

ToZ #3

on sale Aug 12, 1973

ToZ #4

ToZ #5

ToZ #6

BV from
St #173

ToZ #7

ToZ #8

ToZ #9

Last Simon in title

ToZ #10

Brother Voodoo!

ToZ An #1

Reprints 3 Simon tales from #1

BA #33

1 Simon Garth story


Next Part

Part 10: Killraven and the War of the Worlds!

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