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Stan Lee Presents:
Brother Voodoo!
in Strange Tales and more!

Brother Voodoo picture by Gene Colan! All Hail!

NAME: Jericho Drumm

1st: Strange Tales #169
Introduction in Tales of the Zombie #2 Oct. 1973

Last: Black Panther c.2001.. so far..

Created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Len Wein, John Romita Sr., JR Jr.

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ST #169

John Romita
Sept. 1973

Brother Voodoo

Len Wein

Gene Colan

Roy Thomas
John Romita

1st half origin

20 pages
on sale June 23, 1973

ST #170

Gil Kane
Oct 73

Baptism of Fire!

Len Wein

Gene Colan
Dan Adkins

19 pgs

origin pt 2

ST #171

Gil Kane
Dec 73

March of the Dead!

Len Wein

Gene Colan
Frank Giacoia

19 pgs

vs. Baron Samedi

ST #172

Gil Kane
Feb 1974

Fiend in the Fog!

Len Wein

Gene Colan
DIck Giordiano

15 pgs

+"Voodoo" by ?/Gene Colan

ST #173

Gil Kane
Apr 74

Sacrifice Play!

Len Wein

Gene Colan
Dick Giordiano

19 pages

continued in TZ #6

MTU #24

Aug 74

Moondog is another name for Murder!

Len Wein

Jim Mooney
Sal Trapani

18 pgs

M2i1 #41

Kerry Gammill(?)
July 1978

Voodoo and Valor!

David Kraft

Ron Wilson
Pablo Marcos

17 pgs

From "Voodoo Mails", Strange Tales #173, April 1973:

"You see, the Comics Code has a prohibition against the use of walking dead in our regular twenty-cent magazines Thus, Len (Wein) was required to come up with some sort of scientific explanation that would somehow establish that the zuvembies weren't really dead."

In case any of you wondered and didn't know why they called zombies anything but the walking dead in the color comics.

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