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The tag's RUSSELL, with a JACK in front of it. The kind of name that fits a normal 19-year old dude living out in L.A.- not the kind of name you'd expect to find slapped on a guy who sprouted fangs, pore-to-pore fur, and wolfish howls every time the moon ballooned full. Unless that guy happened to have a father who was cursed by an arcane book called DARKHOLD - and who inherited his father's curse on his 18th birthday...

Stan Lee Presents:

the Werewolf By Night!

CoverIssueCover ArtDate

MSp #2

Mike Ploog

Gerry Conway
Mike Ploog


MSp #3

Mike Ploog
May 1972

The Werewolf Stalked Once More!

Gerry Conway

Mike Ploog

Summary: Jack begins this issue on First Night, running loose in the forest outside of is beach house. Lissa is coming to see him, but is being chased by bikers who crash the house and knock Lissa out. Jack attacks them and they do run away quickly. Jack himself leaves as Lissa wakens and the police show up, and is shot in the leg by the cop. They search for him, and a stranger sees him but says nothing. Jack finally awakens in the morning and hitches a ride with the stranger who saw him as the werewolf earlier. He is Nathan Timly, and he and his wife have been watching young Jack for some hidden agenda. Andrea Timly looks like the Bride of Frankenstein and wants Jack's father's book. Jack doesn't know what she is talking about, and is slapped unconscious by her. He is taken to a dank cell and chained to the wall. Nathan leaves their ward, a steel-armed man who looks like Quasimodo and goes by the name of Kraig, to watch over jack. He almost beats Jack for the information, but is interrupted by the return of the others. They finally leave him for the day, and when Nathan brings him food that evening, it is the werewolf who greets him. Jack is about to kill him, but is stopped by Kraig, who battles him for a moment until stopped again by Andrea. In the morning Jack is again brought to Andrea. He still claims to know nothing. She does not believe him and siccs Kraig on him. Nathan stands between them, knowing that to kill Jack is to lose all hope of gaining the book, named now as the DARKHOLD. Kraig kills Nathan. Jack escapes and waits until dark. He again becomes the werewolf and frees himself from his shackles. Andrea senses the thoughts of the werewolf and sends Kraig to get him. The battle is on! Kraig slashes the werewolf around with the metal hand and is electrocuted before the killing blow. Andrea knows this, and tries to cast the spell she needed from the Darkhlod without the book, fails and dies. Jack remembers some of this as he changes back come the dawn, and knows now where answers may lie to the cure for his curse...

MSp #4

Mike Ploog
June 1972

Island of the Damned!

Gerry Conway
Mike Ploog
continues in WbN #1

1st Buck Cowan

Summary: This issue opens with Jack waking from a nightmare to a noise from outside his home. He sneaks around the intuder and attacks. He is thus introduced to Buck Cowan, who will become his best friend later on. Buck, working on an occult story, is here to give Jack information of his dead father and the dealings of his current step-father Phillip. It seems that since Jack's mother's death in MSp #2, Phillip had taken the castle that Jack had inherited and "..sold it to some dude named Blackgar, and he had it shipped stone by stone from Europe-- set the whole thing up on an island off the Monterey coast."
Jack and buck plan on getting into the castle, to retrive the Darkhold, said to be there. Next morning Buck shows up at Jack's father's house in sailor costume and lays out a story about having to move master Phillips' boat at the docks. Phillip decides to go with him, so Buck distracts him while Jack runs to the boat and casts off for the island, but before he can get there a storm comes upon him and his boat is boarded and captured by what looks to be a modern pirate, who sinks the boat. Jack is taken to the island, there to meet Mr. Blackgar and his daughter Marlene, and is introduced formally to the mysterious Garth, his captor. Mr. Blackgar runs an institution on the island, and it is near there that Jack is taken under guard. Marlene sees to him, and Jack tells her how he is searching for the Darkhold. She is afraid, but decides to help Jack find it, possibly going with Jack away from here. They are interrupted by Miles, Mr. Blackgar, who needs Marlene to assist him in an operation on one of their "inmates". Jack follows to what looks like Dr. Frankenstein's lab. Jack finds the book, but the full moon hits him and he changes to the werewolf! He leaves the book and trashes some of the now-empty lab. He goes lower into the castle, following Garth, who the wolf remembers as an enemy. Jack finds the "inmates" of the "institution", horrible misshapen creatures that Jack then frees. Garth shoots at them until the werewolf jumps him like a rabbit, beats him down like a weiner dog and leaves him to his fate at the hands of the lab rats.
Jack wanders the castle into the welcome darkess, where Marlene finds him. Unafraid, she leads him back upstairs, where he finds Miles again. Jack attacks and the fight is on! Miles keeps himself in great shape and slaps the werewolf around like red-headed step-child until Jack gets a good hold and tosses him out the window to his doom. Marlene waits for him then. It was her plan to kill her father, as she was to be the next "monstrosity" of her father's creation. The werewolf isn't too sure about any of this. She touches Jack and her goes off on her, striking her. She retaliates by looking upon him with her uncovered, unshaded eyes, whilch We had not seen all issue. She is a mutant, a girl with the Gorgon's gaze. Jack is turned to stone instantly.
To Be Continued!

WbN #1

Mike Ploog
Sept. 1972

Eye of the Beholder!

Gerry Conway

Mike Ploog

"Marvel's newest, weirdest sensation yet! Man into wolf - at midnight! Far out!"

Summary: Turned to stone is where our fave Werewolf starts out this issue. "I could still think!" He also has held the Darkhold. Marlene the mutant girl had turned him to stone under the light of the Moon. He escapes when the sun rises and his curse is shed. He is then met by Buck Cowan, and with Buck's help Jack finds and takes the book back to California to study, escaping by use of Miles Blackgar's seaplane. Jack calls his sister Lissa to tell her that he is ok. She tells him to return, but not why. Once he hangs up we see her with her stepfather Phillip, and Marlene. Phillip will of course help the family he sold the castle to: "It's time he was taught a lesson in self-control!"
Marlene sends her thug, Strug (very similar to Kraig from MSp #3-4) in on them. Buck is knocked out by the brute. Jack eventually confronts Marlene and her Family brood, who have taken Lissa at gunpoint to find Jack. They are then tied up until Jack gives on the info, but Jack knows he will change into the werewolf tonight. He escapes from them, sadly leaving Lissa with them before he runs away into the forest to await the change. Once changes he is led to Marlene again - as in MSp #4 - and attacks Strug. The fur flies! The battle rages until Marlene, impatiently, shoots at the werewolf and kills Strug. Jack rises again. Marlene uses her stone-stare again imprudently,turning her and the crippled Miles Blackgar to stone by her Gorgonic gaze reflected in a mirror. Lissa meets Jack the werewolf for the first time and her screams send the werewolf running. He goes back to the forest. Lissa and Buck greet him casually as he returns home in the morning. Jack shows them where he hid the Darkhold - in a box of corn flakes - and then goes with them to the opening of Buck's new art exhibit: Marlene and Miles Blackgar! "They were two of the most life-like statues I'd ever seen."

WbN #2

Mike Ploog
Nov 1972

The Hunter.. and the Hunted!

Gerry Conway

Mike Ploog
Frank Chiaramonte

Summary: Jack begins this 3rd night of the werewolf on the run. He is chased by the police across the streets of the city until cornered on the docks. Jack escapes the helicopter-thrown net and gets away. He also attacks a shark for the sport of it. Morning comes and he is awoken by kindly passersby and eventually sent home. Jack and Buck Cowan deliver the Darkhold to Father Joquez, who they hope can translate the ancient book. Jack, Lyssa and Terri stay with Buck for 3 weeks. Jack recalls his origin and parts of his fathers history (from MSp #2) until distracted by Terri and then the ominous Mr. Cephalos. Jack is forced to go with him and so becomes involved in Cephalos' plan to make himself a better man at Jack's expense. First night again: the werewolf doesn't go for this of course, though the damage is done and Cephalos becomes a stronger, more powerful man. The battle is joined! Cephalos takes the first round and tries to flee only to be beaten by the reckless savagery of the werewolf!

WbN #3

Mike Ploog
Jan. 1973

The Mystery of the Mad Monk!

Gerr Conway

Mike Ploog

Summary: "I can well imagine how it began: Father Ramon Joquez--perhaps he'd been working late that fateful night, translating the book called 'The Darkhold'--" The translation sets loose a grey mist that Ramon doesn't see as he calls Jack. He tells Jack that there is "..something unnatural here." He then cries out to his God as the line is cut off. Jack runs out of his house, forgetting that the night, the full moon, is approaching fast. He takes Buck's car and goes to the Father's aid but changes to the werewolf halfway there, crashing the car. The only thought of Jack's left in his head is Joquez: so off he goes.
Lissa overhears a conversation between her step-father Phillip and Grant, whom Jack and Lissa believe killed their mother on Phillip's orders. She leaves to tell Jack that their fears may be justified.
Jack arrives at the Father's monastery and is greeted there by the Father, but not the Father. A spirit has possessed him: "Aelfric, called the Mad Monk! And the book of Sins is mine!" He then shows and tells his origin to Jack: "800 years ago... a monk in the abbey of St. Michael... Aelfric was exposed as a servent of Satan and burned at the stake, but not before killing a Knight with the grey mist seen in the beginning. Scavengers raided his burnt effects, retrieving the scroll of the Darkhold, untouched and whole. It is sold, its sellers always betrayed to the death, through the centuries until bought by Jack's father and bound into the book it is today. The very first night he tried to translate the book he was hit with the Curse of the Werewolf, the very one Jack is under right now. The werewolf, shackled to the wall by eldrich energies, waits for a chance to attack.
Lissa arrives at Jack's apartment only to find his note to Buck, explaining where he went and why. Lissa, always brave, follows. She is stopped by a police roadblock, trying to hold back the deadly gray mist. It kills one of the two cops standing guard and Lissa runs the roadblock. She arrives to find the rectory guard melt before her eyes from the hellish mist and is discovered by Aelfric. Lissa faints, finally overloaded. Aefric takes her inside.
Jack sees her taken past him for some dark purpose, and so frees himself as Aelfric conjures a minotaur-looking reature called Dragonus to protect him. The battle is on! They go at it until the creature trips on the Werewolf and rams into Aelfric, killing them both. Lissa is saved and the soul of the priest returns to the fore only to die as a failure. The Werewolf takes Lissa away, unconcerned with the death of this man, this priest who held the Darkhold last. "And so ended the second night!"

WbN #4

Mike Ploog
Mar. 1973

The Danger Game!

Gerry Conway

Mike Ploog
Frank Bolle

Summary: Third night finds Jack on the run again. Joshua Kane is hunting the werewolf with silver bullets. Jack has arrived at these dire straits with Lyssa asleep in his arms. She soon finds out that Jack is the werewolf and is not frightened of her changed brother, but she is terrified by the creeping Joshua. Morning comes and Jack is the guest of Mr. Kane, who is a great hunter with a passion for the rare kill. Jack does his savage best to take down the hunter but the man won't go down, until events from Joshua's past conspire to overtake him and he is "jumped by Mr. Death".

WbN #5

Mike Ploog
May 1973

A Life for a Death!

Len Wein

Mike Ploog

Summary: Jack returns to the Kane house only to find his brother, Luther, has found out what has been happening. He wants jack to kill someone for him under the threat of harming Lyssa. (On page 7, panel 5 is a MP Lyssa-as-wolfgirl pic that rocks!) Judson Hemp is the intended victim as Jack reluctantly agrees. He fights off dogs and guards, eventually coming to the rooms of Judson, who is starwatching. There is an eclipse tonight, and it peaks even as Jack is moving to attack. The old man is unafraid, but the guards are alerted to his presence so he takes off on a stolen motorcycle. He returns to Kane's house and fights as the eclipse passes. Jack frees Lyssa as Kane gets what's coming to him.
This issue in particular is filled with classic MP art on the werewolf. Action scenes, close-ups, it's all here. Outstanding issue.

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