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Stan Lee Presents...

The Legion of Monsters and the Haunt of Horror!

Since there were only 3 issues with the Legion of Monsters and 5 of Haunt of Horror, We have for now decided to place them all here. So far this is one of the shortest of the Parts, but no less horrific fun for that lack! Besides, We have Gabriel, the Devil-Hunter, along with the fantastic Manphibian! What more could you want? Blood?


CoverIssueCover ArtDate





LoM #1

Neal Adams
Sept. 1975

4 stories



Summary: 1- The Frankenstein Monster: The Monster and the Masque... by Doug Moench, Val Mayerick, Dan Adkins and Pablo Marcos : The Monster sits in the city at night, until he sees a woman, a Princess dressed up. He follows her to an old house. He looks in the window as she enters and is caught by Robin Hood, who takes him into an ornate costume party with people dressed up every which way. He spies the Princess again, and she smiles at him. He cannot tell the if her laughter is at the fun, or at him. He is swiftly attacked by a werewolf amidst his ponderings, at last a betrayal he can understand. But it is only another guest, who takes him to the party punch. Frank drinks a lot. Then Andy, the wolfman, introduces Frank to the Princess, Cynthia. They are enticed to dance, though Frank does not know how. He is clumsy, but she leads and they try. She then leaves him to mingle about, and a Jester captures Frank's attention. The Jester says she is in danger, and if Frank can follow the Knight in Armor and keep him away from the Princess then the Jester can take care of Cynthia. Frank does, to the Knight's annoyance, until he corners the Monster and demands to know what the idea is. They are interrupted by the man's wife, who pokes at him as she yells. He bats her hand aside and is attacked by the Knight. He ends up against the wall, possibly dead. Frank then goes looking for the Princess, and he sees her in her room, being killed merciessly by the Jester with an old sword, which he throws at Frank even as the cops arrive. The Jester claims Frank did it, and the cops pile on and find out his is no mask. The Jester makes his escape as the Monster fights on, and Frank overpowers them long enough to go out on the 2nd story balcony and hurl a gargoyle onto the Jester's car. Frank then falls off the balcony and advances on the Jester. The Jester shoots Frank, hitting him in the throat. Frank smashes the Jester's head into the car door, avenging the Princess at last. He discovers a piece of the dead Princesses' shimmering gown on a tree they passed on the way to this house of Death, and Frank takes it, binding the wound to his neck with, hoping it wil bring better luck to him in the future.
2- The Manphibian: Vengeance Crude... by Marv Wolfman, Tony Isabella, Dave Cockrum and Sam Grainger : He came from beyond the stars, seeking revenge on the murderer who had shattered his life- if mankind didn't destroy him first!
3- The Flies... by Gerry Conway, Paul Kirschner and Ralph Reese : They called him Chuckles, and they laughed at him. After all, the poor freak loved all living things, didn't he? Even such helpless ones as... THE FLIES!
4- Bram Stoker's Dracula: Death Be Thou Proud... by Roy Thomas and Dick Giordano : A man-demon stalks London- and if he isn't found, an innocent girl must die!

The next issue box has 3 stories listed:
Morbius in The Madman of Mansion Slade
which appeared in Marvel preview #8, below
Satana in Night of the Demon, Night of the Damned by Chris Claremont and George Evans
which We're not sure WHAT happened to, and
Bram Stoker's Dracula in Hour of the Wolves by Roy Thomas and Dick Giordano
which is similarly lost, possibly showng up in a later Tomb of Dracula or Dracula Lives magazine.
Hey Joe, how about finding some of these old books! you don't already have enough to do..



4 stories



11,10 pgs

Marvel Monster madness is here! Morbius, Blade and others unbound in this black and white epic. This issue pre-dates Marvel Premiere #28, their color debut, but there is no team action here. This book also followed Satana's appearance in #7, as the title did after Marvel Premiere #27. All those 7 and 8's. Chance? We'll see..

1: The Madman Of Mansion Slade! : Morbius the Living Vampire searches the fog-shrouded moor near the shunned Slade mansion, tracking a brutal murderer and discovers he isn't the only monster to prowl the eerie landscape!

2: Into The House Of Terror! : Blade, the Vampire Slayer, uncovers a festering horror in an isolated house against which even he seems powerless!

3: The Reality Manipulators!

4: The Curse Of Anubis!

MPm #28

Feb 1976

There's a Mountain on Sunset Boulevard!

Bill Mantlo

Frank Robbins
Steve Gan

1st and only monster team-up

Let the Monster Rally Madness begin! First color Legion Of Monsters. The only time to see a team-up of this monster-tude... Who else but Marvel could throw in "such diverse elements as" the Man-Thing, Morbius, the Werewolf By Night and Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider? Why would you ask? It's all right here!

Summary: Our 4 monstrous protagonists are introduced, and the mountain of the title appears, which happens to knock Johnny Blaze off his cycle. He changes to the Ghost Rider, sensing danger, and meets the threat.
Morbius, after the events of Fear #31, still seeks blood, and happens to find a shadowed figure for a victim who turns out to be Jack Russell, the Werewolf, in full-fanged mode. He also seems to remember their last meeting in Giant-Size Werewolf #4, and savagely attacks Morbius. They tumble until a tremor stops them. Morbius decides to investigate. The Werewolf tags behind.
The Man-Thing just happens to materialize at the foot of the mountain from the Florida swamp. As he begins ascending the mountain, he is run into by Morbius and the Werewolf at the site of Ghost Rider's crash. They finaly all see each other as the bringer of the mountain, the Starseed, greets each of them. He tells his tale of long sleep and waiting to the assembled monsters, and in a moment of characteristic impatience, the Werewolf attacks.
The battle begins, with each of the monsters facing off against each other: Morbius chasing the Werewolf, Ghost Rider fleeing the horrible Man-Thing, the Werewolf locked at the throat of the Starseed. Ghost Rider tries a hellish bolt to bring him down, but misses both of them and narrowly, Morbius. Mistaking intent and execution, Morbius now goes for the Ghost Rider. Starseed is mortally injured by the Werewolf even as Morbius brings down the Rider's cycle. Starseed begins to fear, which draws in the Man-Thing, who then, of course, burns him severely. He is dislodged by Ghost Rider and his cycle (in a manner similar to Nomad's in Nomad #21), and sent reeling by the Rider's hellfire bolts. Johnny discovers Starseed still alive but dying. Starseed then shows what he would have been capable of had he not died, and briefly turns each of them back to their normal, human selves. It fades with his death, and the team disbands as quickly as it appeared. Ghost Rider is left walking his wrecked bike away from the scene, lamenting the distance to the nearest gas station.

And Now... The Haunt of Horror!

And here We have ("...My Prize - The Black Widow..") the series that started it all for Us. Though only five issues long, this series did things no other series at the time really had room for: Psychological Horror!
Possession of the spirit and soul. Consumption of the same. Satana and Gabriel were the stand-out stars of this series. A pity it ended so soon, and without the closure of either series...

HoH #1

HoH #2

Earl Norem

First Gabriel, Devil-Hunter, and the lovely Desadia.
2nd Satana, who moved here from Vampire Tales.

HoH #3



HoH #4

Bob Larkin

3rd Satana and Gabriel.

HoH #5

Dick Giordiano

Last issue of the series.
The Gabriel story went to Monsters Unleashed #11 (the last issue of that series)

Satana went to Marvel Preview #7 and Marvel Spotlight #24, for the last issue of that series.

Part 4a: NEW!! Bloodstone!!

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