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Stan Lee Presents...

Lilith, the Daughter of Dracula!

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GSCh #1

1st Lilith

VT #6

Lilith in b&w!

MPv #12

HoH title continues!

ToD #67

Gene Colan
Nov 1978

At long last--Lilith!

Marv Wolfman

Gene Colan

Lilith in ToD!

Summary: Dracula, still human at the hands of Satan ((or WAS it, according to the events of Hellcat #3...)), searches for his daughter, Lilith, in Greenwich Village, knowing with a father's instincts - though he knows it not - where his little girl is. Having made up with her to some extent in Giant-Size Chillers #1, he needs her help now, to return him honorably to his rightful place as a vampire. He believes that she, being his daughter, is the only one who can. She, of course, refuses straight-out and chases him away in bat form, taunting him to the point of madness, and he formally ends the truce between them, vowing vengeance.
Dracula then sees a poster of the play "Passion of Dracula" ((by Bob Hall and David Richmond)) in front of a theatre, being attended by Harold H. Harold and date. Enraged, Drac trashes the stage, calling Lilith out. She appears, and kicks his ass. As he runs away like a mere mortal - which he is - Dracula decides to go to his son, the newly-angelic Janus, who waits for him... to kill him.To Be Continued!

NEW!! Here We have the original character roughs by Tony DeZuniga! Click on the images to view full size:

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