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Stan Lee Presents...

in Hellstorm, Prince of Lies!

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H-PoL #1

Michael Bair
Apr 93

Storm Clouds

Raphael Nieves

Michael Bair

Satana on cover only

H:PoL #7

Peter Gross
Oct 93

Found Souls

Len Kaminski

Peter Gross

Satana Returns!

Summary: Souls from Hell have been released on Earth. Daimon finds out and decides to send them back. Satana is to be one of them.

H:PoL #10

Peter Gross
Jan 84

Heaven's Gate

Len Kaminski

Peter Gross


Summary: Due to the events of Hellstorm #7, souls in Hell have been released into the world. Satana is among them, hiding in a woman named Judith. She kisses her local priest and takes his soul!

H:PoL #12

Steve Pugh
Mar 94

Red Miracles

Warren Ellis

Leonardo Manco


Summary: Satana moves to Times Square and sets up as a prostitute to catch souls!

H:PoL #16

Brian Bolland
July 94

Down Here

Warren Ellis

Leonardo Manco


Summary: Stephen Loss, Devil-Breaker, comes to Daimon and tells him that Satana is alive and in Times Square. He also tells Daimon that she is interested in the currency of Hell, souls!

H:PoL #20

Mark Buckingham
Nov 94

Femme Fatale

Warren Ellis

Leonardo Manco


Summary: Satana meets Detective Gunyon, who is after Daimon. She seduces him to her cause, then send him into Times Square with ensorcelled bullets and the urge to kill.
Also included is the first part of "Fur Bible", the story of Stephen Loss and a bio of the characters in the book.

H:PoL #21

Duncan Fegredo
Dec 94

I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have

Warren Ellis

Leonardo Manco

Last Issue

Summary: Satana sends the Detective out into the city. Also included is the second part of "Fur Bible", with the entry for Satana and the exit of Stephen Loss.

This is but one part of an unpublished wrap-around cover by Jae Lee for Satana #1 (would have been Vol. 3, but that went to The Supernaturals in '97).
Here We do not forget. Warren Ellis was once writing our fave succubus, and had plans to continue her out of the Hellstorm book.

See for yourself Warren's plans for Satana and what happened to it!

Satana #2

November 28 1998


Warren Ellis

Ariel Olivetti

Summary, from Bullpen Bulletins: The Devil's Daughter challenges the occult power structure of the Marvel Universe in a bid for power - and if she has to kill the likes of Dr. Strange to attain it, she will!
This issue was John Ostrander's first of two scripts, neither of which was ever published.

Satana #3

John Ostrander

Joe Bennett

This is the last unpublished issue of Satana. A direct summary is not possible at this time. I sometime wish to at least get a plot from Mr. O, to go with the original art pages in the Haunt's possession. The art is not all available as yet, but soon and for all time these pages will be scanned and posted. Keep watching!

to the next part of Satana's History: The Supernaturals!

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