"I always wanted to stand out of a crowd..."...Casey

Tiff: We are here with Headnoise. Could you state your name please, and what you do in the band.

Sid: My name is Sid and I play guitar in the band.

Robert: I’m Robert, I play bass guitar in the band.

Edie: Edie I sing.

Casey: Casey, I play drums.

Tiff: When did you guys start Headnoise?

Sid: About four and a half years ago.

Tiff: Do you have any demos or any CDs out?

Edie We have a demo that’s not available any more and we have a CD out.

Sid: We have a full length CD on Sofa Records and we’re getting ready to go back into the studio.

Tiff: So, you two are married. (Robert and Edie) How long have you been married?

E: Ten years.

Tiff: Ah, you beat me, mine’s eight. Are you married?

Sid: Nope.

Tiff: What about you?

Casey: Nope.

Tiff: What is the purpose of Headnoise? Why are you guys together making music?

Robert: I guess we uh, we wanted to be able to minister the Gospel to kids, to people at the shows. Because at one time in the Christian music scene pretty much the purpose, it seemed like the purpose of the music was to get people, unsaved people to shows and minister the Gospel to them and then see them get saved. And it was very, a God-centered type of thing and over a period of time it got very un-God-centered and now it’s very entertainment- focused and we, after years of going to shows we just going to shows and leaving not feeling any better or actually even feeling more worse and grieved than I did when I went in there and seeing all the kids leaving with absolutely nothing except you know, bleeding ears or a few CDs. And we wanted to be able to minister the Gospel and make good music. Sometimes bands preach the Gospel but their music is horrible, or they play really good, but they don’t preach the Gospel. We want to try to do both. That’s why, and besides the fact God told us to. We prayed about it and He’s allowed us to use this avenue to do that, so. That’s the purpose is to share the Word of God.

"We don’t want to spoil anyone’s party or bum anybody’s trip out..."...Robert

Tiff: Is there anything you would like to tell the people who read this interview?

Robert: I think that Christian kids that read the interview, God has really spoke to us in this. We’ve been playing shows for awhile and our intention was really not to play Christian shows when we first started out. We didn’t really mind doing it but it was to play secular shows because Jesus said go to the lost, to those who didn’t know and to the sick. So that was our intention, we wanted to play shows and have non-saved people come, but we’ve been playing a lot of Christian shows and festivals and that sort of thing and we’ve come to realize that Christian kids are absolutely not serious about their walk. Not all of them, there’s some of them that are serious. There’s always like a core group of kids that seem to be really on fire for God, but I would say that the majority of the kids are not serious about their walk with God. And we want them to know that God requires from them holiness, and He wants righteousness from them. And we know, we see them and they are involved in sexual immorality. We see them and they are sleeping with their boyfriends and girlfriends and we see them making out with them and touching each other and all this other stuff at shows. And we know they are drinking and we know they are doing drugs and they come to the shows to be entertained. And it really bums me out and I know that it really really grieves God because I read it in His Word. And God wants them to repent, and He wants them to get right and walk right with Him so that great things can happen in their lives. We don’t want to spoil anyone’s party or bum anybody’s trip out but we want to remind them and let them know that God requires holiness from them. It’s all by grace, you know. It’s by grace we’ve been saved. But we want the kids to know that, and we also want them to know that we love them, we love them and we care about them. That’s why we want to tell them. If we didn’t care then we would allow them to continue in what they are doing.

"It came down to the point where it was either serve God or be destroyed by this world."...Edie

But we really care about them. We want them to write us, we want them to email us, we want them to call us, we want to hang out with them, we want to pray with them, we want to share scripture with them, we want to be their brother and sister in the Lord. And to non-saved people, we want them to know that they are very much asleep and Jesus can wake them up to the light of His love, but they’re asleep and the world has put them to sleep. And they need to know that there is a God and He’s very real and we are all living testimonies of that. And we would like them to talk to us also because I know that I had a lot of many questions. I want to know these things. And if they are searching for truth, really really searching, God will reward them. Just like He rewarded many many people in the Bible who were searching for truth and they didn’t know Him. But they have to really look.

Tiff: That was awesome. How long have you been a Christian?

Edie: I’ve been saved, made an adult decision to be saved and serve Jesus Christ for about seven years now, seven and a half. I grew up in the church and I’ve been saved since I was a little kid you know. But that’s what I come across a lot kids in the churches that we play to that say, ‘oh, we grew up here we’ve been saved all of our lives.’  But I gave my life to the Lord off and on throughtout my youth and high school age and everything and then came to the realization that I never really gave my life to God, I never really served Him once I said I was going to.  That’s the message that Robert gave to the Christian youth, um that um there are those that are on fire for God and  those that are Christians because they go to church or because they have been brought up in it. That’s the life I led for most of my life until I, it came down to the point where it was either serve God or be destroyed by this world.  So I’ve been saved for about seven years now, serving God with all my heart.

Tiff: What about you?

Casey: Well, uh, my story’s kind of like Edie’s. I grew up in a Christian home and thought I was saved for a long time and uh. I mean, I believed in God and I knew that He existed and I didn’t do anything about it and my life definitely did not show it and uh, it just got worse and worse all the time. Besides experimenting with more things and really dragging my foot in the world and fully just denying God and living my life how I wanted to live it.  And I was always kind of I guess afraid of God because I knew eventually He would catch up to me and I was afraid of God. I had a fear of God because I wasn’t doing what I knew I was supposed to be doing. So I was afraid of God because I was afraid of His judgment. But when one day I was doing something I shouldn’t have done, I got caught for it but um, it was really weird because I had a peace about it and um I knew God was saying that I was His child and that He didn’t want me messing around in the world anymore and it was time to get serious.  And it was really weird because even though it was a time of um, I got caught, I got busted, there was a lot of gentleness involved in it, and I felt this peace at this weird time when I was in a lot of trouble. And I made a decision that I was going to follow Christ and I was going to make a stand for Christ and not just um, like I always wanted to stand out of a crowd but God told me that it was time to not do it for myself any more but to do it for Christ and to take a stand and not be so lukewarm, beyond lukewarm, freezing cold. So I’ve been saved for about, really made that decision for about three years now but really been walking with God.

Tiff: What about you, Sid?

Sid: I became a Christian, I accepted the Lord in 1986, when I was 19. And my walk was kind of a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, not really extremely serious, or wholeheartedly committed in hindsight looking back. And I wound up falling away in about late ‘88 for about two years. Came back the Lord and really fully, after just getting really thumped by the world really fully wholeheartedly committed my life to not just being a Christian but serving Jesus. That was in 1990, so for the past nine years I guess just really being on fire and just being committed, so. That’s about it.

Tiff: That’s so good to hear. Well, that’s about it you guys. Thank you so much for playing here and for being able to come up to our little town and minister to the kids here. We really appreciate it, thank you.

Sid: Thanks a lot.

Robert: Thank you.