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Welcome to a pile of unsolicited opinions. This site includes philosophical and political essays that do not fit with in my main site I will post new articles on a regular basis. If you enjoy the articles, feel free to join the debate at Current Events.

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12/29/99 Politics Suburban Sprawl President Clinton announces an ill conceived plan to relocate 120,000 inner city residents into the suburbs--where the jobs are. This policy will accomplish little more than an increase in the suburban sprawl.
12/21/99 Politics Internet Sales Tax Once again, the issue of an Internet sales tax rears its ugly head. The Internet sales tax, however, is not simply an issue of fairness. It is yet another indication that the entire mechanism for collecting sales tax is crumbling. Currently, sales tax is based on location. As our society becomes more mobile, the tax becomes more difficult to administer correctly.
12/12/99 Politics The Minimum Wage Debate The debate about the minimum wage should not be about the value of the wage, but about the wisdom of having Congress set American salaries. Many companies use minimum wage as an index. A static minimum wage has the adverse effect of decreasing pay received by poorer Americans. We should replace the static minimum wage by a series of indices which will provide employees and employers the information they need to negotiate compensation.
Utah Trax--First Day UTA-Trax celebrates first day.
4/1996 Politics Drinker's Education The 21-year-old drinking age contributes to alcohol abuse by eliminating the cultural institutions that teach moderation, and by making alcohol abuse a right of passage. We would have better success is controlling alcohol abuse by instituting a system of drinker's education that helps young adults learn moderate behaviour.


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