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Professional Vocabulary

Chapter 2

Egocentrism: assumption that others see things the same way

In other words...

Johnny did not understand why Beth could not see that the drawing was that of a dog under a tree. It was plainly clear to him, after all, he drew the picture.

Chapter 3

Self Image: a description of physical, social, and cognitive attributes (self-concept), and the evaluative judgments made about those attributes (self-esteem).

In other words...

Jane knew that she was terribly shy, and that her shyness was why she didn't have many friends.

Chapter 4

Reflectivity and Impulsivity

reflectivity: prefers to spend time collecting information and analyzing its relevence to the solution before offering a response.

Impulsivity: Quick response, with less information, and more uncertainty.

In other words...

After Teach asked the students if a dolphin is a fish or a mammal, Phil had a hard time concentration on what made a mammal a mammal because Johnny was bouncing in his seat with his hand in the air yelling, "ooh, ooh! a fish! a fish!"

Chapter 5

Culture: describes how a group of people percieves the world; formulates beliefs; evaluates objects, ideas, and experiences; and behaves.

In other words...

What I believe stems from how the people that suggouded me as I grew up influenced me.

Chapter 6

Learning Disabilities: disorders in basic processes that lead to learing problems not due to other causes

In other words...

Even though Teacher spent as much time with Sally as the other students, and Sally's Mom helped her at home, she still couldn't read as well as the average 3rd grader.

Chapter 7

Operant Conditioning: voluntary response strengthened or weakened by consequences that follow.

In other words...

Keith gets his homework done as soon as possible after school, because dad plays catch with him in the front yard if it isn't too dark when he's finished.

Chapter 8

Learning Tactic- a specific technique that helps achieve a long-term goal.

In other words...

Suzy made note cards with vocabulary on one side and definitions on the other to help her memorize the vocab for the next test.

Chapter 9

Ill structured problems- vaguely stated, unclear solution procedures, vague evaluation standards.

In other words....

The T251 students were baffled by more than one question on the first written exam because of the professor's vague phrasing and obscure references.

Chapter 10

Intelligent tutoring systems- computer tools that provide individualized guidance by comparing the problem-solving history of the user with models of expert performance.

In other words...

Kelli likes to play the fraction muncher computer game because it doesn't move on to harder fractions untill she's gotten at least 8 out of ten right on the previous game.