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Mi Vida-- Under Construction

This page really no longer relates to my life. These are pictures from high school of people that I probably haven't talked to since the pictures were taken. When I have more time, I will put up more recent relevant pictures. Enjoy these while they last!

(@ prom)

This is me at my senior prom. I did not enjoy my senior prom for a number of reasons. This is my friend who at the time was about a week from winning a beauty pagent. She's super and an awesome singer.


This is me at graduation. I graduated in 98. These are two girls who graduated in my class with me. High school was... nice. Glad it's over, but nice.

my sissy

This is me and my older sister, Sarah Grace, when we were probably about 6 and 9. Sarah is now Sarah Grace Vargas and has a beautiful baby boy, Aaron Nathan. She and her husband Ruben are good good parents to my favorite nephew.