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CHapter Thirteen Discussion

Hillary Behrman
Stacy Stokes

Assessing student learning is an important responsibility for all teachers. Classroom assessment includes two major types of activities these are measurement and evaluation.

Measurement is collecting information about how much knowledge and skill students have learned.

Evaluation is making judgments about the adequacy or acceptability of each studentís level of learning.

Both of these aspects of assessment are important because they help to determine learning progress as well as student strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers can use a variety of different measurement techniques to help them determine what students have learned. The type of measurement technique used by a teacher depends upon their objectives.

The teacher is interested in what the students know about something or whether they are is interested in if the students know how to do something. Measures that attempt to assess a studentís knowledge level are usually called written tests while those measures that assess how well a student can do something are called performance tests. There are many different kinds of both written and performance tests.

What are your own beliefs about tests, do you think they do an accurate job of measuring a studentís knowledge? What type of testing works best for you?

In the past few years, a variety of technological advancements have been developed to enhance assessment in the classroom. Technology has helped teachers reduce the amount of time they spend on assessment. Computer-based technology now allows for the efficient creation of test-item banks, assembling of examinations, maintaining of student records, and generation of reports.

An example that might be relevant to all of us is the option to take the PPST test on the computer, over the past few years they have created the option to take it over the computer this is a new way of giving the test, in the past it was only offered on paper like most standardized tests. This is a test that every education major has to pass if they want to be certified to be a teacher. I think it very interesting how standardized testing is moving towards to the computer.

ou think this is going to be beneficial for students or not?

It had been proved to be beneficial for teacher because with very little effort, teachers have at their fingertips complex profiles of student progress. In addition to reducing teacher time, technology has also been used in student performance assessment. Students can create digital portfolios, as we are encourages to do so for this online class to display our educational progress throughout this course.

Whenyou are a teacher, what are your plans on how to evaluate your student's work?

There are many types of ways to understand student differences or check a studentís performance.


measurement evaluation

formative evaluation

summative evaluation


moderate testing.

As a teacher, which of the examples above do you feel you would need to apply most in your classroom? Which do you think is most effective? Why.