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Welcome to the PREY Fan Fiction Webring.

Fiction by the fans and for the fans. Link to the numerous sites using the links below or via Yahoo's Web Ring - "Ring Hub".

Anrose's Page - Various fiction shorts,reformed church info, artwork, writing articles, as well as fan fiction ==> ER, The Pretender, Law and Order, PREY. More to follow on a purple background, artwork. *See index for link to fan pages.*

PREY RPG - A home for the Prey PBEM role playing game based on the TV Series PREY. See character information, rules and links to joining. Write about your favourite character as if you were playing them.

PREY Virtual Reality Television - See the series continue for many seasons in Virtual Reality while keeping true to the premise.

PREY Writer's Reference Guide - An indepth author's Reference Guide or Writer's "Bible" for 1998 TV Series PREY. Every fact a writer (or fan) may need to access for their works of fiction based on this wonderful series.

Tonica's World - A Fan Fiction Site - Fan fiction inspired by TV series and movies, mostly sci fi. Many of the stories, but not all, are adult in content. PREY, First Wave, Sliders, Roswell, X-Files and more.

Willing PREY's Fan Fiction - A variety of stories about PREY that vary from G to NC-17 in a variety of Universes, including my takes about what might happen if there were changes in the episodes. At least two future on-line novels as well.


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