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Run Away


!Make sure everything can fit in your bag, you need to pack light!

  • book bag flash light
  • lighter
  • knife/gun(one of the two or both)
  • 2 sets of cloths
  • 2 2 gallon bottles of water
  • any wraped food
  • bread
  • blanket(if posibal)
  • map
  • batteries
  • rain gear
  • swear shirt or jacket

    What to do:

    1.Make sure you know how to get were you are going

    2.Check your suplies and make sure you have every thing

    3.Make your break when you can (say your going to school or at night)

    4.Once you are on the road try to stay off of main roads as much as posibal

    5.Sleep during the day and travel by night

    6.If you hitch hike make sure that you would be able to take the person that is picking you up

    7.Try to change your cloths every day even if they are dirty so the cops cant recognize you as well

    8.If you can steal a car go for it (Running away is a crime so your going to get in trouble anyway)

    9.If you flow train train tracks thats fine, but, DO NOT HITCH A RIDE YOU WILL BE KILLED BY THE R.R.R.A.

    10.If you get caught you never knew me

    11.Any suggestions email them to