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Speak Up!

And so I pluck thee from the forest of humosity Theater74 mY PEACE PIPE IS INTO BONDAGE I'll take your word for it peACE IT YELLS AS i SLAM IT AGAINST THE WALL pEACE AND EVER LASTING HARMONY it rikashays off the seafoam moss into the garden of eden and so I pluck thee fruit from my apple Inncisions of delite Hello- Looney bin? I need a padded van for one sent out in the land of oz over the rainbow and through the woods to junipers house we go : so the simple answer is cheese can be amalgamated into grassblades clitoridectamy is at once an oddessy hello- looney bin? I need a padded van for one sent maple walnut pumpkin pie heather locklear gocves good face SAVE THE CHILDREN PEACE PIE FEEL THE WHALES HOW THEY CRY OUT IN HUNGER OVER EMANCIPATION Thank you and good nite and if I refuse? peace they never saved any for me take a biote out a brine : my gut is imploding carbonics fortran sucks my cerebrum and spews it across the forest the manbeast chows on an acornb liberated : darn them all to heck what the fuck

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