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Witchvox The Celtic Connection

I am now the proud co-editor of an on-line zine for young pagans. Please visit the link below for more information or visit my Wicca site!
Young pagans
Also, Please check out the East Coast Chapter of the Young Pagans Network. I am very proud of how this site is coming along, and may move this web site to tripod to further facillitate this.
East Coast Chapter of the Young Pagans Network
You can e-mail me at
Hello everyone and welcome to my page. I hope to get better resources up soon and will be bringing on a few people in order to facilitate that. Blessed Be! Also Check out Silent Madness, it is a great page put out by my friend Lucidia who may be helping me with this page shortly!
So, Does anyone care what's been going on with me lately? Probably not, but if so, check out my diary.

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Have a Nice Day! My Diary At this point, I am completely pissed off at the new President. Please visit and go to their message boards to see why I am pissed. BB & MP Jessi

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Silent Madness.... A must see site!
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