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My Diary

5/28/00- Well, A whole lot of stuff has happened since I started this diary. I have now been going out with Traz since March 13, 2000. I'm having the time of my life! The past three months have passed in a blur. So right now, Traz and Kenny are playing Pokemon (the card game) and I am listening to Sisters of Mercy. Tiffany has complained that I haven't put her stuff up, so it will be going up soon. Not much else is going on now. Memorial Day Weekend, oh joy! Glad that this year is turning out so well. Last year at this time I was going through such bullshit! I won't say what, but those of you who knew me last year will probably understand what I am talking about. Hurray! Kenny just won his first game! He is undefeated. And he is now screwing with my Bondage Monkey. Oh, well... I'll write the next time I get the chance. This is turning out to be a very good year. (Too bad I didn't get to "plunder the Villagers" this New Years Eve) 2/10/00- Okay, Here starts my online diary. Not much to say right now. Ummm! I am tired. Goodnight!