The history of Ricean Vampires.

Remember, before we continue here, that this is Ricean Mythology,
so disregard anything you have heard about foundations of other
Vampires for the moment, I.E.: Cain, Vlad the Impaler etc. etc. this
is a different version

Six thousand years ago in Egypt, Ricean Vampires were created.
The King and Queen of the Nile were attacked by a small group
of their own people, they were stabbed repeatedly. Above, an evil
spirit (Demon), saw what had taken place. It wanted the flesh, as
all spirits are a formless mass of energy. This spirit saw the blood
and in a frenzy, entered the blood of the Queen, somehow merging
with her completely, Body and Soul., changing her into the first
Vampire. She was not possessed, but merged, the demon and her
becoming one and the same being. She crawled to her husband and
embraced him. Draining him and then feeding him the blood that she
had just drained from him.. which was changed into the demon blood,
making him the second.
These were the first. Akasha and Enkil.






When a Vamp is Born
The Change
Extremely Old Vampires
Millennium Vampires
Old Vampires
Young Vampires

The Ricean Vampire

The Age Chart
Ancient - 3000 years plus.
Extremely old - 2 - 3000 years
Millennium Vampires - 1000 - 2000 years
Old - 500 - 1000 years
Young - up to 500 yo.
Fledgeling - up to 100.


When a Vampire is born

When a Vampire chooses a mortal to sire, the process is something erotic and sensual. More often than not, the Mortal will feel no pain at all, rather a deep communicating with the Vampire, as his/her blood is drained from them to the brink of death, from there, The Vampire will feed the mortal upon his/her own blood, the blood that was just taken. Within moments, the blood effects the body, the most common sensation, one of extreme warmness. As the mortal dies and is reborn, all telepathic links with the sire is cut and the two can no longer talk to each other with their minds, they can not communicate in any way with their mental abilities, and can only sense each other in the most basic of ways, see, hear, smell and touch.
When a mortal is Sired, the Mortal may have certain mental powers. I.E.: Telekinesis, Telepathy. When S/He becomes a vampire, these traits are increased many times over, but only very few Mortals have this ability.
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The Demon Blood/The Change

The Blood inside a Ricean Vampire kills all Human cells. Slowly it
destroys the physical host, replacing it with the physical traits of the Immortal Vampire.
The brain is also effected, all senses being heightened immensely.
With age, Ricean Vampires powers grow, usually more than the vampire itself realizes.
The older a Ricean Vampire becomes, the stronger his mental abilities become.
Physically, the skin hardens and whitens with age, the skin of the "Millennium Vampires",
or Vampires that have survived over one thousand years, being white, cold and hard like stone,
whereas younger vamps such as Armand (about 400 in the time setting of the Garden) although hard, is more like hard
rubber and the young vampires skin is still being changed by the demon blood and is supple.
Both young and old Vampires alike though bear the same changed
details to their eyes, hair and fingernails. The Eyes seem to sparkle,
to be brighter, different to Mortals eyes and the Finger and Toenails have a glasslike
sheen to them, as if glazed. The Hair is almost always the same length, as when cut,
it will grow back out to it's normal length within 24 hours.
Almost all fledglings need mortal blood to feed the demon change inside them, their thirst being
an almost uncontrollable desire, driving some insane. The exception to this is if the fledgling is sired by an immensely aged vampire. (See "Ricean Vampiric Powers")
The older the Vampire becomes though, the less they feel the need for blood, but for most, the want never leaves.
Even Khayman, the 3rd eldest Vamp, still took victims regularly.
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All vampires are effected by sunlight and fire, but the older a vampire gets, the less he is affected by these.
The oldest Vamps (4000 years plus) are not burned by the sun, merely browned
{Akasha and Enkil in The Vampire Lestat...Lestat in Tale of the Body Theif.}
And millennium vampires (1000 +) are able to withstand some fire. {Pandora washed her hands of blood in the great bonfires of Azims Temple.. Queen Of The Damned} In fact, they could walk through a huge bonfire and walk out the other side only cleansed, but if they stayed in it, they would eventually die.
The Blood is what animates a Vampire. If All the blood of a vampire is drained, the vampire is as good as dead.
This is extremely difficult though as vampires contain huge amounts
of blood and in some cases it would take hours to drain a vampire fully.
Now, here is the tricky bit. All vampires are immortal. BUT, say for instance, a Ricean Vampire was to be cut in half. Slices in two horizontally, then both halves would crawl around until they were finally joined back together again. Meanwhile, the blood loss from it would render the vampire almost useless. If an arm was to be cut off in battle, the vampire could pick the arm up and rest it on the stump,
but it would take a long time to heal back on, even for the eldest vamp.
{Enkil, King of the Egypt, had an arm severed in battle.. he picked it up and put it back on, where it healed... The Vampire Lestat}
Lost limbs do not regenerate.
And the big question, the Beheading. If a vampire is beheaded, you might as well call it dead. For without the head on the shoulders, the creature can do little, for the shock of the instant blood loss would all but render the vampire unconscious.
{Akasha, the very first Vampire was attacked by Meakre (in 1990), and her head was severed. She was powerless after it was severed and could not even reach the head to put it back on.. Queen Of The Damned.}
However, If a limb is cut off and burned, the vampire may take the same limb from a mortal and use it. Although, the mortal arm will eventually die and need to be replaced.
{Maharets eyes were taken from her before she was given the Dark Gift, yet in Queen Of The Damned, she uses mortal eyes, but these give her irritation because the demon blood does not keep them alive}
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Ricean Vampiric Powers

All Vampires posses the powers to some degree, although most do not know it until it's discovered accidentally.
Typically, a fledgeling Vampire has no real powers that S/He can control apart from the mind reading and superhuman strengths., Although, a human with extremely good telepathic powers to begin with would have these powers increased.{Jessica, sired by Maharet: Queen Of The Damned}Vampires of the first brood were never able to "Hear" each other with their telepathic ability, although they could with the younger generations. This is also the case with Sire and Chylder. They cannot communicate with each others minds.
Okay.. Here are the powers.
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Have superhuman strength and the ability to read minds. They can leap high into the air and move faster than any mortal can run.

Young Vampires:
•have the abilities that Fledgelings have, but these are stronger
They can also use the illusion technique to a certain degree, causing mental confusion in a mortal,
for example. A mortal notices the white skin and is suspicious, the
Vampire can use the old razzle dazzle as it is oft referred to: Perfectly normal, what you see

Old Vampires can:
•Use the abilities of the lesser vampires, but are stronger.
•Create illusions in the minds of mortals and Vampires alike,
such as make them think that they are somewhere they are not
(This power is weak in vamps of this age and a
very strong mortal can break free of the illusion)

Extremely Old and Millennium Vamps :
•Have the abilities of lesser vampires, but stronger by a lot
•Set fire to things with their minds
•move with a speed almost unable to be tracked by any other creature

•Have the abilities of lesser vampires but heightened to immense proportions
• Kill with their mind, they rupture the internal organs of living things and
undead burst into flame (first brood are not effected by this attack very much)
•Move huge structures with telekinesis I.E. collapse buildings
move out of their bodies and anywhere in the world, although
while like this, their physical bodies are totally unprotected.

Now it gets a little complicated.
All the references above are for Typically sired Ricean Vampires. Powers will differ with the age of the sire.
For instance, if the sire is an ancient, it is fully possible that the chylde will be completely without thirst, although the want for blood is something that most Vampires have no matter what age or sire
{Reference again, Jessica sired by Maharet, in Queen of The Damned.}
A young Vampire that partakes of large amounts of the blood of an extremely powerful vampire will "Inherit" a degree of the powers of the host Vampire
{LeStat, feeding from Akasha in Queen Of The Damned, discovers fascinating new powers}.

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The Ricean Mortal.


The Typical Ricean Mortal.

Mortals of Ricean style are what you see walking down the street every day.
They are your neighbour, your family, your friend.
There is no difference between them and you.
Ricean Mortals typically have no powers. None at all. No mind reading ability, no telepathic powers at all.
But, there are a few.. a very few that have such powers.. to read thoughts deliberately
. Other mortals naturally hide their thoughs without knowing it at all, but of these there are even fewer.
And fewest of all.. perhaps one in twenty thousand, have some of the abilities that Vampires have.
The ability to set fire to things at will.. to read minds and to cause mental confusion on others..
.to hurl objects around. to kill with merely a thought. and to leave their mortal bodies and
move around without them...
(David Talbot, of the Talamasca. Queen Of The Damned and Tale of the Body Theif)


The Ricean "Others".

In the Ricean "Vampire Chronicles" there are various "Others" mentioned.
Here, I will try to make it as clear as possible what these "Others" may be.

God and Memnoch: the Devil.
God and the Devil do exist, but their characters are already taken. You may see them if you break our rules.

Yes, you heard correctly, Angels.
Angels are a large part of Ricean Mythology.
Points to make about Angels though are that they are under gods direct authority.
they cannot be apart from him.
Memnoch is the only angel that was cast down. All angels are, by nature, like the spirits. Large masses of fomrmess energy. But they have the ability to bring to them Matter and give themselves human form. They ae generally bigger than humans, but when they take form, they tend to deliberately scale themselves down.
An angel cannot impregnate a woman.

Witches, Sorcerers.
Witches and Sorcerers are mortals that can maniputlate the spirits
They can read minds.They can bring rain, sometimes even large storms.
and they can command the spirits.

Spirits, Demons, Ghosts.
All of the above are basically the same thing.
Ghosts are the spirits of creatures that have passed on, and for some reason have stayed on
earth. These Ghosts can have no effect on others, and seldom even know where they are.. even to the point of not knowing that they are dead.

The rest, (Spirits, Demons)on the other hand, are the same thing. I will refer to them from here as Spirits.
Spirits are immense, invisible creature their size is camparable to massive storm clouds upon the horizon They are made up of energy with an infitesimally small material core and can be seen only by "Witches" and "Sorcereres" and even then are extremely seldom seen, and usually only when the spirit is in a rage.
"Good" spirits, are what the witches and sorceres talk to and manipulate.. this being done by flattery from the Witches and Sorcerers... as all spirits are drawn to these humans.
"Bad" spirits on the other hand, are often referred to as Demons and Evil Spirits. They are capable of hurling objects around furiously, causing massive mounts of wind and on extremely rare occasions, they are able to cause physical pain.
There are NO other races of Vampires other than the ones described in the history.

Non-Mentioned Characters
This page describes creatures that are found in Anne Rices Book, but it by no means means that your roleplaying is restrited to using the above characters.
There are many creatures that were mentioned in the books but not described.
Such as Geneii. If you wish to play a creature or beast that is not listed here, please contact one of the room admins and we will be glad to help you.

All off what has been written above is Ricean fact.
None of it is debatable. All Vampires are different mentally, but these are their limitations. If you have any questions, then please ICQ me. My # is 7241017.

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