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Manic Depression Obsession

This page is devoted to the sufferers of a disability called Manic Depression also known as Bipolar Illness. There are alot of misconceptions about what bipolar is and how it affects people. I intend to put up as many links as possible to help you find out as much as you can about what is out there on the web to help with the understanding and acceptance of bipolar illness. It will include both general knowledge and pharmeceutical as bipolar is always treated with medication. *******************************************************

Knowledge is Power

Fyrenlyce Five stage of bipolar grief
Abbott's Bipolar Disorders Information Center
Bipolar Disorder - Home Page
Psycom Net Bipolar page
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Bipolar Disorder
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Mood Disorders - Depression and Bipolar Disorder - Online Resources for People With Bipolar Disorder
National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association - Depression and Bipolar Disorders
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The Winds of Change_ Bipolar Disorder_Manic Depression
Joy Ikelman's Information on Bipolar Disorder
Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Wecome to Manic's Dance -Manic Depressives & Their Loved Ones
Welcome to Bipolar Info Online!
Drug therapy of mood disorders

Pharmacy Links

(FyrenIyce) - Drugs & Drug Side-Effects -
PubMed medline query
Prozac Survivor
Collected Writings of Ivan K. Goldberg
Gabapentin and Mood Disorders
Manual for the Benzodiazepine Dependence Questionnaire (BDEPQ) ISBN 0 947229 56 6
Pharmacology and Legal Drugs - Definitive Collection of Net Links
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RXmed_ Prescribing Information
Risperdal (Risperidone), 2 Nov 96, 2 Nov 96
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Welcome to PubMed - Neil Sandow, Pharm.D.

Newsgroups For Bipolar & Schizophrenic or Schizo Affective