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It started with dreams, it started a team. But you weren't as true as you always seemed. You promised to love no matter what, yet you turned your back and walked out on me.
What made you think that without me your life would be so much better? But now you see that without me your hopes and dreams will never be as good as what you had with me.
Tell me why, oh why did we end up this way? And we try, we try to make everything ok. Tell me why, oh why did you feel you couldn't stay? But we could've stayed together, but you wanted it this way.

No note. I don't give a fucking shit. -Lauren

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Disclaimor: If you know me, don't read my diary. Makes sense, right? I might just have to kill you. Eh, go ahead, there's no big secret there.

Now is your chance to diss my ex.


Original star graphics created by Karine (Reeny)
@ for my use and altered by mE!
My graphics, not your graphics, my graphics!

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