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I told my agent. "Bernie." I said. "Nobody will ever see it. Shouldn't I be administering to the sick, or helping feed the hungry, or you know, doing something important with my talents? I mean, none of us are here for very

long, and I think we each owe a certain..."For one thing." He said. "You're not that nice of a person. And for another, if I talk to her publicist, I can probably get you a meeting. I hear she'll do anyone. Did you see her photos?"

Welcome then, to the best damn Charlize Theron site on the web! I know, there are dozens of hits out there, but they all suck. How is Just Charlize different? The main difference is, I don't like her. Yeah, she's beautiful and sexy-looking, but that makes her as common as fast food. And yes, I'd do her. I'd cheat on my wife and my girlfriend to do her. But there's not going to be any adoration here. Well, okay, some adoration, but not the hundreds of slow loading photos you'll find elsewhere. In fact, at Just Charlize I select only the finest photos, from lots of boring ones.

Picture And that's not all! I've put other stuff here, so when you're tired of looking at the photos, you'll have something else to do. And I've tried to be as constructive as possible. Each time Charlize visits this site, she can see herself for who she really is, learn from her mistakes, and make improvements! I've done all this because I'm thoughtful. I've been trying to change my life, and being thoughtful has helped. So has my personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, who told me to say, that in His opinion, she doesn't look Jewish enough, either.