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It's A Girl

Krista and I have a very important anouncement to make. The pitter-patter of little feet can be heard at our house. Krista and I are now proud owners of a 55pound bundle of joy. Everyone knows that I think that it is perfectly normal to have a name that could either be male or female so I decided to name our little one Gipper.

Now if you ask me I would say that Gipper looks like her mother. She gets her heftyness from me but her looks has to come from Krista's side of the family.

One thing for sure about Gipper is that she is a woman. I did not know that female dogs were like female women. VERY VERY VERY NEEDY. Here is a picture of me taking a nap on the floor and for some reason Gipper thinks that she must take a nap on me.

Every time you visit Kraemer's Page you will get a knew fact about Gipper!!

Ken's Future Retirement is Sponsered By

College football is upon us. Notre Dame is going to have a rough year, but mark my words in two years we will be in the top 5!!!!!!!! Ohio State will be with out there man. I guess making up fake classes cant get everyone in the game. They should take a lesson from ND and just recruit quality players(the ND player just charged with rape is a bad example here, also I am just bitter because Clarett almost chose ND over Ohio State. My perdiction is that Miami will end up with the Sears Trophy come January 3rd. Take the poll below and in the coments state your pick for National Champ. Foster Michigan State will freeze over before Hell wins it all.(Isnt it nice how those two are interchangable.)

Days until Ken's 52nd Birthday

Days Till Krista and My 50th Aniversary

Days left till I turn 100 Years old

This is my dad.

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