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Kiara's Dyeing Page

Dye Recipes from the Innsbruck Manuscript I am really begining to think that this is not a list of fabric recipes, but of a technique where you dye fabric in order to extract the pigment later to make paint.
Atlantia Dye links
Black in Period
Viking Age Dyestuffs
The Woad Page
13th C. Spanish Dyeing
Quick and Dirty Notes on Colors and Dyes
Natural Dye Links
The Joy of Handspinning:Natural Dyeing, Helpful Tips
Dyes and Dyeing
The Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary Herb Garden - Dye Bed
Workshop Masako Nice Japanese site with English. Good pictures.
Scottish Dye Plants
Heatlh and Safety in the Arts
Notes on Dyes and Mordants
Foods containing Oxalic Acid


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Walnut Ridge Farms
Canyon Keep Enterprises
worldknit-dyeing supplies
Hill Creek Fiber Studio
Wild West Weavers
River Spun Fiberworks
The Woolery