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Multicolor Shrug

I bought this yarn onsale at my local yarn store. Its 50/50 wool/pima cotton in the colors of purple, lavendar, green and white. It was such an interesting yarn that I broke my rule of not buying anymore store bought yarn. I figured I could use it as a template to spin my own variation of the yarn.

The yarn starts off as a thread weight string. Four of these threads are plyed together. This is repeated with all four colors. Then all four colors are plyed together. Its really very pretty.

I chose to do the UOO/UUOU F1 stitch because it showed off the yarn nicely and made a flatter stitch than the UOO/UUOO mammen stitch. I'm hoping I have enough to do the whole shrug, other wise I will just to the sleeves in this yarn and then the back will be done in another yarn.

For those curious, a shrug is a bolero-like sweater consisting mostly of the sleeves and a connecting piece that goes across the back and occasionally across the shoulders as well. We shall see if I have enough yarn to go across the shoulders.

Im starting from the cuff of each sleeve and then I will do the connecting piece. I only have a few rows done currently. I was increasing every fifth stitch, but I think this is making it too big too soon, so I am going to increase every tenth stitch and see if that increases enough.

  Nice close up of the stitch pattern and the size in relation to my wrist.

Progress so far.

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