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Green/Purple Wool/Mohair Mittens

This is my second spinning project. I found this wool/mohair blend at the Puyallup faire last year and even though I have been concentrating on alpaca or llama, I just fell in love with the color combination. I love the way it is spinning up. Like the different colored candy canes that I used to find in Old Town San Diego when I was little.

I plan on naalbinding some mittens once Im done. Its much too pretty to make into socks that will be covered by my shoes.
Finally all spun up. This pic is closer to what the actual colors are. And I made a very pretty center pull ball *S*

I took Honorable Mention in the Puyallup Fair's "Spinning-Made with Homespun-Other Technique" Category. I scored 93% on the judges scoring sheet. No comments. Probably had no clue what they were looking at.

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