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First Sock

This is the first sock I did. I started at the Naalbinding class held at Kingdom A&S on March 3, 2002. It went surprisingly quick until I got to the ankles. I couldn't figure out how to end them and still get the sock to fit over my heel. The socks fit just fine until I tied off the end and then I couldn't get them on anymore. I had to tear the last few rows apart and redo them until the socks would fit. I entered them as part of my Costumer's Guild challenge towards my Senior Student level.

These socks are done in a variation of the Mammen stitch UOO/UUOO F1.

First the Toes....

Having never done this before, and having only recieved a small lesson on how to do heels, I decided to do both socks up to the heel part before going further.

Here is a close up of the Mammen stitch and a close up of my toe.

Then the Heels

The class I took only really taught how to start the toe and do the Mammen stitch. The heel was supposed to be part of an advanced class that wasn't being taught at that event. So the teacher drew up a diagram of how to do the heels on the chalk board. I think my heels turned out pretty good. Of course the first heel turned out better than the second, but that is how my luck goes with such things.

Here are details of one of the heels.

And the detail of the join between the foot, heel and ankle.

The Finished Socks

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