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Blue Felted Bag

My first hand spun yarn with a drop spindle (minus a couple practice ounces). It is wool/llama, mainly blue with purple, it has some black llama and the occasional hot pink thrum. It was a pain in the A** to spin and it was scratchy as all get out until I washed it in Milsoft. Now its tolerable to work with. I really think they used a meat sheep fleece or something. This was supposed to get me used to working with llama but straight llama is easier to spin. This will be a small bag that I will then felt in hot water. Stitch is UO/UOO.

Before Felting.

After Felting.

I ran it in the washing machine for several cycles. You can see that it shrunk a couple inches based on the before and after measurements. The very bottom didn't felt much so it changed the shape. I think its rather cute.

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