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Kiara's Irish Page

Welcome to my Irish page. I have always loved Ireland, ever since I was four years old and learned a little about my geneology. I dreamed of someday visiting Ireland and used to spend hours pouring over maps and travel guides planning my perfect trip. In 1994, I was introduced to the SCA and found out that I could live the life of an Irish noblewoman. Sort of. This page reflects my interests and research into my Irish persona, Ciar inghean ui Fhothaidh, a 16th Irish woman from County Galway, as well as her various ancestresses of the same name. In other words, I am enamored with all the ages of Ireland and my research reflects that. Please visit my Projects page, to see the progress I have made on my Irish costumes. Please, also, visit my SCA page, to find out more about my other historically related interests and the SCA in general.

Reconstructing History
Eachne's 5th century Irish-Celtic Re-enactment
Clothing of the Ancient Celts
Making The Irish Leine
The Leine
Pseudo-16th Century Irish Leine Pattern
Early Medival Irish Clothing and Shoes
Celtic Clothing of the 16th Century
Bodies of the Bog
Social History of Ancient Ireland - Dress and Personal Adornment
Footwear of the Middle Ages
Traditional Celtic Dress - Male Scottish dress, with interesting theories on the relation to Irish dress.
The Ionar
Rowan ni Ruari's Historical Costume Page A re-created Shirone Gown
Celtic Costume From O'Brien's Celtic and Medieval site.

Kiara's Scottish Page With Scottish clothing links, including pleating great kilts.

Irish Language
The Irish People - Learn Irish
Daltai na Gaeilge- Irish Language Info
Focal an Lae - The word of the day in Irish
The Curse Generator
So you wanna speak with an Irish accent?
Introduction to Ogham
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture

Irish History
Irish History on the web
Ireland History in Maps
Ireland Story - History, Maps and Current Events
British Sources for Irish History 1485-1641
Eolas na hEireann
The Granuaile O'Malley Page - 16th Century Irish Sea Queen
Irish CoinageFrom Pre-Christian times onwards
Irish Excavation Reports
Fulachta Fiadh "Burnt Mounds" - Cool Irish Archaeology Project

Celtic Art, Calligraphy and Illumination
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University
Aon Celtic Art

Irish History Mailing Lists

Other Irish Links
Irish First Names - Traditional, Modern and In-Between
Irish Surnames
Doras - Directory of Irish Related Websites
1000 Ireland Resources
O'Brien's Celtic and Medieval Page
Local Ireland
The Irish Times
Irish Poetry
Irish Folk Songs
Ireland Travel and Tourism
Tir na nOg - The Virtual Irish Cybercafe
The Celtic Digital Library

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