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Kent School, Hostert, Germany, BFPO 40

Dedicated to everyone who knew Kent....

My name is Ken Oliver and I am a former student of Kent School, I was educated there between 1981 and 1984. I recently visited the school while on holiday on mainland Europe and was saddened to find the school totally derelict. The main structure was just about intact but everything else was either rotten, falling down or overgrown. I walked through the dark mouldy, damp corridors were once hundreds of children use to laugh, study and play.

Kent Home Page

There are a lot of images on this page so please be patient while they load.

Kent from the air c-1970

The Church & looking back across the sports used for grazing cattle.

Looking across from the side Field were we all use to lay out

The trees almost obscuring the building completely

Maths and music, access from main block via connecting corridor

The front, being cleaned up for 'prospective buyers' so I was told

Main Entrance

Science Block

Side entrance and access to cellars

Bus park.....and entrance opposite Church

Corridor (inside last entrance & left)..Covered area near dining room & gym looking towards music dept.

Did you know Kent(or Windsor) as it was later known? Then please leave a message or mail me with you memories. I would be interested to hear from anyone who is still based in Germany and who could visit the school and update us on the situation and possibly contribute more photos...Thank-you for all those who have been in touch already.

I'm so sorry, been away from this site for so, so long, will update it as soon as I can...Ken

Kent Homepage


Visit the leading site at and of course catch up with old friends on FriendsReunited were Kent is listed

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