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February 28th, 2001, is a date, which will bring to the web yet another vent for an unhealthy mind.  Yes, the web allows just about anyone with access to a computer to spew their vomitus across the world, without any form of content editing.  Anyone can read it.  So, why should not the mentally ill have the same privilege as the white supremacists, the pirates, the political extremists, the pseudo-academicians, etc.?  Unfortunately, they should.  Here will be just such an experiment.  Perhaps no one will read it, perhaps a couple will, but in the end it will allow me to "vent" the "vomitus" contained within my own mind so that the entire world can see just what it means to be insane and to attempt to function in day-to-day, urban, American life.  Read while you can.  By the way, sorry about the ads, popularity can force me to get a regular web site.  See you at the end of the month.

I am not the only insane person in this country, so do not be surprised to find someone else's writing here as well.

I have always been told by my psychotherapists that journaling is a healthy thing.  Perhaps making the entries public is better?
To our chagrin, sometimes the ill have access to cameras and their perspective on the world may be quite different than the normal.

Anonymity is a savory thing, though not necessarily a permanent one.  We can only hope that the ill will soon be accepted by all.

"In Hoc Signo Vinces..."