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Stories & Memoirs

When we first started this zine, stories--or
fiction as the intelligentsia would put it--were
to be my primary focus. To a limited degree they
still are, and here are some for your enjoyment.

A Member-Guest Story      -Mr. White
    Mr. White waxes nostalgic about one eventful night almost
twenty years ago at the community country club and
the quiet streets of suburbia. Features police,
a former marine, and a father. And it's all true.
From Issue #2.

Turnstiles and the Last Roll of Thunder      -T. R.
    This story is about Tequita's twentieth. It details a
trip to a Wal-Mart: true fodder for southern fiction.
From issue #1

Broke and in the Way    -V. S.
    The slowness of a broken-up day.
From issue #1.

The Common Sole    -Chaddo
    NOT set in present day America; keep that in mind.
From issue #1.

Rapid Transit    -P.K. Khava
    A memoir. P.K. considers what's led her to
her current situation as a southerner cast adrift
in the wilds of Chicago.
From issue #1.

One Iota of Sacrificial Martyrs    -V. S.
    The revolution is over, and it leaves much to be
From issue #1.

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