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Music is a special interest for us all here at IG. We've all written something
about music at some point or other, and here's some of it:

Hey, Cheap Music! vol. 1     Various Authors
    Our discerning staff briefly disects some albums by Milli Vanilli, Mike Johnson,
Verna Cannon, Matthew Sweet, Space Needle, and the Four Brothers that we found in budget bins.
From Issue #2.

Modest Mouse concert review     -Jef
    Jef gives us a fine review of the show and a primer for those not already clued in to
the fabulosity of Modest Mouse (he, however avoids using that word).
From issue #1.

Review of Two--Voyeurs     -Tom
    Voyeurs is an album by the former Judas Priest lead singer
Rob Halford's band. Trent Reznor produced it.
From issue #1.

Magnetic Fields Show     -T.R.
    pretend to SEE this great show, pretend to HEAR
the music, WATCH as T. is snubbed by Stephen Merritt!
From issue #1, this is the original unedited version.

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