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Links to high quality Websites

Now on extended hiatus with the principal members scattered across the earth, Slutfuck was allegedly Rock Hill, SC's most prominent punk band

MadRatz InfoShop
Atlanta finally has an infoshop. Some of the people affiliated with this site are working on it. These people actually know how to use flash and cascading style sheets from what I understand.

DIY Search
The first search engine to list this site, they specialize in independent stuff, be it other zines, unsigned bands, art galleries, and so on.

Magnetic Fields
So far, in every issue, this band comes up at least once, so you might as well bask in the glory of them as well. They've put out some of the best love songs of the past ten years.

A fantastic site devoted to God's favorite worm. (She/He must have liked them, why else are there so many?)

All Music
Truly one of the best sources on music on the web. I have stumped this database only once. If you're a completist of a particular musicican or director--they have an All Movie site as well--this is where you need to go: it lets you know all the side projects, all the influences and even other bands/musicians that ape their sound.

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